“How to sell drugs online (fast) Season 4” updates is here! Read to know Release date, Cast, Storyline, and other details!


How to sell drugs online(fast) has brought smiles into the faces of its fans with its past three episodes. And fans are eager to know whether a season 4 of How to sell drugs online(fast) is coming or not. The comedy and drama show hosts some of the finest actors at its premises which gives the viewers a hearty and entertaining watch!

Rotten Tomatoes has given a positive rating to How to sell drugs online(fast) and this German show is slowly gaining its popularity overseas as well. Read below, to find more about the show, and should you be expecting a season 4 or not?

The Cast

How to sell drugs online(fast) has an ensemble cast consisting of Maximilian Mundt, Lena Klenke, Damian Hardung, Danilo Kamber, and Luna Baptiste Schaller to name a few. All of them have done a brilliant job bringing out the comic yet serious sides of the characters making us laugh and ponder about the show!

The Storyline

How to sell drugs online(fast) is based upon the story of an awkward teenager who resorts to selling illegal drugs online to impress his ex-girlfriend. And it’s the story of his which ultimately makes him one of Europe’s biggest drug dealers of all time!

The two protagonists of  How to sell drugs online(fast) Moritz Zimmerman and Lenny Sander rise above their class and become famous pharmaceutical mafias in the department of the illegal narcotics trade.

And do you know what’s more interesting? How to sell drugs online(fast) is actually based on a true incident that occurred in 2015 at Leipzig. Now, when you see all the drama, crimes, and dangerous plot twists in the show, remember that it really happened just a couple of years back!

It’s the story of the rise of power of two ordinary schoolgoers who achieves something extraordinary. Illegally though! The story will intrigue you for sure!

Number of Seasons

How to sell drugs online(fast) has whooping 3 seasons, with each having 6 episodes that show the two teenagers in full action of why they started such a risky venture, what troubles they faced, and how they raced to the top!

The three seasons of  How to sell drugs online(fast) are available on Netflix and if you haven’t watched the series yet, what are you waiting for? Stream it right now!

Release date of How to sell drugs online(fast) Season 4

Now, the time of anticipation has arrived. Will How to sell drugs online(fast) arrive on Netflix with a season 4? The answer to that is maybe. Now, maybe we still have hope. Why? Because Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied the shoot of How to sell drugs online(fast)!

But with such wide popularity, season 4 of How to sell drugs online(fast) is bound to be renewed. Perhaps not immediately but definitely! Chances are that shooting can begin in the next year that is 2022.

So, until the official announcement is met, let’s not let our hopes waiver! We want to know more, that’s for sure.

And for those who still haven’t watched How to sell drugs online(fast), perhaps the trailer below that spike your interest!


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