Marvel’s latest series “What if” is here to stun everyone! All you need to know about Storyline, Release date, Cast, and much more!


“What if” is to stream on Disney Plus? Well, you have heard that right! There’s no what if’s in the news it seems. After Loki’s superb response from the viewers, Marvel Studios has geared up for its next animation series with “What if” which is a continuation of the ending of Loki itself. Sources have it that it will give the fans of Marvel Universe a glimpse of the multiverse.

The plot

As is expressed by Brad Winderbaum, the producer himself, The series takes off just where the finale of Loki ended. The multiverse which was shown to be exploded in Loki is all set to give its viewers a virtual tour of the multiverse itself. Hence, in no aspect What if is less important than Loki. Both are crucial to the story.

But guess what, they give us assurance whether a show is worth watching or not. As in the case, it seems that all the critics who have watched three of the first few episodes have nodded their heads in agreement and shared a positive verdict! Do you know what it means? It means that our much-awaited “What if” is more than likely to make a mark on the audiences.

Now, that’s reason enough to rejoice. The action sequences of “What if” are said to blow your mind away with nail-biting moments as commented by Grace Randolph, an YouTuber. Actin maniacs, get ready for some otherworldly fighting and fiery eruptions.

Details about the cast/voice-over artists

“What if” has our favorite on-screen superheroes and actors giving their voices to the characters. You must be glad to hear that handsome Hunk Chris Hemsworth will be voicing Thor, Josh Brolin will be Thanos, Tom Hiddleston will be Loki, Natalie Portman will be Jane Foster, and so forth. Which such a star-studded cast, “What if” is bound to be an exciting off with the voices of the artists depicting the exact emotions effortlessly.

Critic’s Review

The series “What if” has already been streamed, judged, and reviewed by a handful of critics already. Yeah, we too sometimes feel jealous of critics as they get to see the best of movies and web series while the whole world dies of anticipation.

Release date of Marvel’s latest series¬†

“What if Season 1” is all set to light up your screens on fire on the 11th of August, 2021. To stream it you will be required to subscribe to Disney Plus. We will finally see all our superheroes assemble!

The demise of Chadwick Boseman has indeed left a mark on our hearts. But Kevin Feige, the producer of “What if” has confirmed that episodes that were shot with Boseman will be posthumously streamed. Chadwick Boseman, you will forever be etched in our memories!

It was initially supposed to have two seasons each consisting of 10 episodes but the destroyer of our current happiness, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the plan a little. Thus, “What if” will now have 2 seasons each comprising of 9 episodes with a total of 18 episodes, which is reason enough to be excited! So, get set ready for some superb punches!


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