iPhone 13 new camera updates leaked! Read to learn about portrait video functions and displays!


iPhone users, your time is here as Apple has launched an all-new iPhone 13 with excellent features that are to blow your mind away! No sooner has Apple decided to bring forth it is a new venture that is the iPhone 13 succeeding iPhone 12, there have been constant leaks during the pre-launch event that have revealed a lot.

With all the speculations in place, there is no doubt that iPhone 13 will absolutely be revolutionary in its approach.

Here’s all you must know about the iPhone 13 newest features that will make your jaw drop. Quite literally!

iPhone 13 Release Date

Rumor has it, via the leaks that iPhone 13 is all set to make a spectacular release this very year in September. Are you excited yet? Time to say goodbye to iPhone 12 and welcome iPhone 13 with open arms. So, get ready to get your brand new iPhone 13 on your shelves on approximately the 4th week of September, most probably on the 24th. Just keep your calm till then!

iPhone 13 New Features

iPhone 13 has new features! What are they? Here’s a detailed description of all the interesting features of the iPhone 13’s  “Camera and Display” that you ought to know!

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the iPhone 13 is the Portrait video function. This new portrait feature uses a technique called Cinematic Video which has advanced processes that completely blurs the background and keeps the subject perfectly in focus!

The sharp focus on the subject with special attention to the details and blurring every tiny thing in the background makes the perfect shot!

Such a feature is still far to come in traditional lenses. This new iPhone 13 creates a beautiful bokeh effect that feels mesmerizing to click the photo. Now, Instagram-worthy pictures will be available in just a blink of an eye.

iPhone 13 offers another brand new feature that comes in the display! The 120Hz display feature is absolutely brilliant with every picture, video, and the streaming of movies an exceptional experience. In addition to that, this new 120Hz display of the iPhone 13 will enable you to use the phone smoothly without any interruption or hanging which was a problem in iPhone 12. You’ll ditch the regular TV or phone viewing experience once you get hold of the iPhone 13. The grand 5G features also allow the excellent battery life that lasts for a day even with heavy usage!

Now, listen to songs, play games, and watch unlimited movies or web series 24/7 and your battery will give you company for a long!

Price of iPhone 13

iPhone 13 has decided that its process would be aligned to iPhone 12, which will fall somewhere between $699 and $1,099. As for the name of the iPhone 13, there has been no official announcement that has been made about the name of the new model before the launch date. However, sources reveal that Apple will most likely stick to the original name which is the iPhone 13, and not change it. But, with the current craze of the rumored leaks of the iPhone 13, the buyers would hardly pay any attention to the name as they will already be impressed by the fantastic camera and display features. All we have to say is that the wait for the final launch of the iPhone 13 will be worth it all!

Here are the detailed features described to you!


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