“Yoon Kye Sang” has found the love of his life! Read to know when he will get married and about his bride-to-be!!


Yoon Kye Sang who has been the heartthrob of many women over the years is finally getting married! The 42-year-old actor and singer are known for some excellent movies like The Outlaws, A Dramatic Night, and The Good Wife to name a few have revealed that he is going to tie the knot with his girlfriend!

The female fans of Yoon Kye Sang are of course heartbroken by the news, but being loyal fans are happy for him as well!

The Big, Fat Wedding Date

Yoon Kye Sang is all prepared to get married to his girlfriend this fall season! Just Entertainment, Yoon Kye Sang’s agency confirmed the news on August 11th. And who’s the special girl of Yoon Kye Sang? Well, intimate sources reveal that she is the CEO of a famous beauty brand and also a terrific influencer on social media!

The bride-to-be is five years younger than our star, Yoon Kye Sang. She has been on the news for quite some time even before being related to Yoon Kye Sang because she was deemed the youngest CEO! Guess what, Yoon Kye Sang got a girl who’s both talented and beautiful! Her beauty brand has and still is expanding rapidly like never before!

The Two Families

As per the information derived from Just Entertainment, Yoon Kye Sang has met the parents of her girlfriend and his girlfriend has also visited her would-be in-laws. Meeting parents before marriage has always been the first step to communion. And Yoon Kye Sang and his CEO girlfriend had completed step one of their wedding. Just Entertainment has also stated that both the families have agreed on the proposal of marriage between Yoon Kye Sang and his wife-to-be. Hence, this coming fall, it’s likely that their grand wedding will take place. But, due to the uproar of the still ongoing pandemic, there has been a slight change of plan in the wedding.

Yoon Kye Sang’s fans, don’t need to worry, as the wedding will definitely take place. But, Yoon Kye Sang has said that because of the coronavirus pandemic, they will first opt for a registered marriage. Given the situation, Yoon Kye Sang has stated that it is not hygienic to celebrate a wedding ceremony as there’s a risk of the spreading of the Covid-19 virus, no matter how much safety protocols are maintained.

Thus, Yoon Kye Sang will put his marriage ceremony on hold for now and instead go for a registry marriage.

Once the pandemic situation is under control Yoon Kye Sang will throw back an ostentatious marriage ceremony, inviting his special guests as well as those of his non-celebrity girlfriend, who will then be his wife!

Other facts

Yoon Kye Sang has first met the love of his life through mutual acquaintances and after going on a few dates and spending time with one another soon became inseparable!

From lovers, they decided to be one as a whole and get betrothed to one another! Although the exact wedding date is not confirmed, it will be decided very soon! All we have to say is congratulations to the couple!

In the meanwhile, Yoon Kye Sang will return to Small-screen with his new thriller drama called the Crime Puzzle! We wish him all the best!


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