Apple announces Release Date of Finch starring Tom Hanks! Read to know everything about this sci-fi movie!


Tom Hanks’ science fiction film Finch is ready to be premiered on Apple TV+.  Tom Hanks’ fans and lovers of sci-fi movies, it’s time to rejoice as your favorite film will be available in no time!

Previously named as Bios, Finch starring the handsome hunk Tom Hanks will be his second feature film for AppleTV+. At first, Finch was supposed to be released theatrically by Universal pictures. But, the plan soon changed as Finch was chosen by Apple in May 2021.

Here’s all you need to know about this Tom Hanks movie! Read below.

Cast And Crew

Apart from our superstar Tom Hanks, Finch also has phenomenal actors like Caleb Landry Jones, Skeet Ulrich, Samira Wiley, Laura Harrier, and Lora Martinez-Cunningham to name a few! With such a brilliant cast and Tom Hanks being the master of cinema, Finch is bound to be an exciting watch.

Ivor Powell and Craig Luck have introduced an original and unique screenplay into the film with a positive nod from director Miguel Sapochnik. The producers of this Tom Hanks’ movie are Jack Rapke, Kevin Misher, Powell of course, and Jacqueline Levine.

With so much hard work put into this film, we have our fingers crossed that Finch turns out to be a masterpiece. Tom Hanks, we have our faith in you.

The Release Date

The time of revelation is here. Ending your anticipation here. Finch starring Tom Hanks is all set to premiere on Apple TV+ on the 5th of November, 2021.

Do you know what that means? It’s only a few months left before we plunge onto the journey along with Tom Hanks along with his friends! We are sure that Finch will be a great watch!

The Synopsis

Tom Hanks’ Finch has an interesting storyline. The synopsis is as follows: Finch aka Tom Hanks is an engineer in robotics who is one of the handfuls of survivors after a solar cataclysmic phenomenon has left the whole world almost barren.

But, here’s a twist! Tom Hanks aka our master of robotics, Finch all this time has been surviving in a bunker underground with Goodyear his adorable pet dog being his only companion in such difficult times. Inside the bunker, Finch has made his own world where he cooks, sleeps, and spends time with his furry friend with not a care of what happens outside.

In the meantime, Tom Hanks or Finch has also invented Jones, a robot who is entitled to take care of Goodyear if he is unable to. Their adventure starts when Finch, Goodyear, and Jones decide to venture into the unknown outer world undertaking a treacherous journey towards the desolated West America.

But why are they traveling to the West? And how on the journey will the trio find themselves again? These are some of the burning questions that you will get to know when you watch Finch. In short, Finch, according to Apple tells the story of a determined human being who strives to keep his canine friend safe under all odds with the help of a human-like robot!

Sounds interesting right? Well, we can’t wait for it to release!!!


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