The Internet has been taking double takes ever since the word spread that “John Cena has a doppelganger”!!


Apparently, John Cena has a doppelganger. Yes, you are right, we are freaked too! But it’s as true as it gets and the internet has not stopped ever since the word got spread. The mighty WWE superstar known for his intense kicks and punches as well as the Suicide Squad actor, famously called Peacemaker, John Cena has got a man walking on Earth, looking exactly like him.

In fact, John Cena himself posted about his supposed doppelganger on his Instagram account as well. So who is this man and does he really resembles John Cena?

Read below, to find out more!

Who is John Cena’s Doppelganger?

John Cena’s doppelganger. Who is this man? Well, it seems that the so-called twin of John Cena is actually a man named Brendan Cobbina who is a trainer and bodybuilder by profession. With strong muscles, and an extraordinary physique Cobbina is already winning the hearts of the women!

Brenden Cobbina has himself accepted the fact that he is a lookalike of one of the world’s greatest persona John Cena. Hence, Brendan, owing to his nationality doesn’t shy away from writing “Black John Cena” on the bio of his Twitter handle. Now, how cool is that?

John Cena’s mirror image, Brendan Cobbina is also OmegaMuscles’ proud owner. From his bio, it is evident that Cobbina is a fitness freak. He is passionate about taking good care of his health and always tries to maintain a strict diet by eating, drinking, and working out.

For 5 years and above, Cobbina has been practicing bodybuilding, and he also trains and motivates people who are keen on keeping themselves fit. Cobbina also hosts virtual training sessions and even trains his clients face-to-face.

With good looks and sporting a million-dollar half-smile, almost similar to John Cena, Brendan Cobbina is already becoming quite famous, thanks to the internet who can’t seem to stop drawing comparisons between him and John Cena always keeping Cobain in the spotlight!

But, we can’t complain, can we? Especially if you follow him on Instagram and see his intense workout videos!

Fans Take On John Cena’s Lookalike

Fans of John Cena are constantly posting updates of his double, Brendan Cobbina. They don’t seem to get enough of these two!

One of them wrote that both John Cena and Brendan Cobbina should star in a military film where these two would be brothers posted in separate military branches. But the lives of these two men would change once they are deployed to a warzone. All we have to say to the fan is that, hats off to the script!

Another fan following of John Cena wrote that while both of these two beautiful men sport the same smile, hairstyle, and even pose, Brendan Cobbina, or the “Black John Cena” as he is famously known has bigger and stronger arms. Ahem!

John Cena And Brendan Cobbina

With such striking similarities, the only dissimilarity between John Cena and his doppelganger Brendan Cobbina is that while the former is geared to return to WWE TV  to have a head-on with Roman Reigns on the Universal Championship, the latter will be busy training for himself and also giving training lessons to others!

But, we can’t disagree that without the help of the internet we wouldn’t have found out the “lost twin” of John Cena, as claimed by a fan. We are glad that we are having, two great role models to follow!


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