Here’s all the “Previews Pictures” of the animated series “My Hero Academia Episode 107”!


My Hero Academia is prepared for its last and final 5th season, much to the dismay of the fans. With a gripping and intense 4 seasons that had kept the audiences glued to their screens, My Hero Academia will finally come to an end after the 5th season.

In the meanwhile, certain exclusive preview pictures of My Hero Academia have been doing the rounds that have given fans a glimpse of the much-awaited episode 107 of the 5th season.

Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the manga franchise My Hero Academia has also revealed that after the end of this series, My Villain Academis would also premiere soon.

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The Storyline

For those who are unaware of this Netflix show, My Hero Academia revolves around the story of an ordinary boy named Izuku Midoriya who is born in an extraordinary world where everyone has got superpowers except him!

Yet, Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia dreams that one day he too will become a superhero and is helped by a legendary hero who helps the little boy by sharing some of his powers with him.

Who is this hero? And why is he suddenly helping an ordinary boy? What happens when Izuku realizes he’s getting superpowers? To answer these questions you ought to give My Hero Academia a watch!

In My Hero Academia’s second-last episode of season 5, it was seen that Ending, the supposed villain of the show dreamt of Endeavor killing him so that he could become the world’s first and greatest hero! Why is Ending such a lunatic, you ask? Well, the fans of My Hero Academia have all the answers!

But, the team of three, Bakugo, Midoriya, and Shoto Todorki rendered the evil plan of Ending unsuccessful by stopping him and saved Endeavor’s eldest son so that he could get one more chance for redemption.

Although we can’t spill the sins committed by the eldest son, we can confirm that in the coming episode of My Hero Academia, the main spotlight will be on Present Mic and Aizawa who belong to the Endeavor Agency Arc. There’s also a deep secret of the League of Villains that will be disclosed in the upcoming¬† 107th episode which will give us the plans of this vile group of Villains.

Stay tuned for My Hero Academia’s last episode as it will be a real show stopper!

My Hero Academia Preview Pictures

All of My Hero Academia’s preview pictures of its upcoming episode were shared by none other than Atsushi 101X, the Twitter user who has given us a vital piece of information.

In the final episode of My Hero Academia, Present Mic and Eraserhead will have to unearth certain mysteries from their past so that they can understand what the sneaky League of Villains are up to as well as solve the puzzle of Nomu, from where the nightmares are getting formed!

Will they succeed? We hope the best and fans must have their fingers crossed for a positive outcome more so because it is supposed to be the final episode of My Hero Academia.

Till then you can have a look at all of these images shared by Atsushi and take a wild guess of what is going to happen in My Hero Academia’s 107th episode!


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