Netflix’s “Gone For Good Season 2” is Cancelled? Here is everything you must know about the show!


Is Netflix’s thriller series Gone For Good Season 2 canceled? Fans have been dying of anticipation ever since David Elkaïm’s show was released on Netflix. With an excellent cast and an even excellent plot, Gone for good has stolen the hearts of many owing to the numerous mysteries and puzzles in the show.

Originally named as ‘Disparu à jamais, Gone for good based on a book by Harlan Coben has a lot of events happening inside which is sometimes hard to track. But the visual appeal of Gone For Good is striking and we do hope to witness a Season 2.

Will that happen? Read below to find out.

The Cast

Gone For Good Season 1 had brilliant actors like Finnegan Oldfield, Garance Marillier, Nailia Harzoune, and Nicolas Duvauchelle playing important roles which have lead this show into such a huge success.

Now, if there is a season 2 of this French show Gone for good, we are sure that these amazing performers are bound to return.

The Storyline

Gone for Good season 1 which was released on 13th August 2021 had Finnegan as Guillaume Lucchesi who tries to solve the mystery of his missing girlfriend Judith by exploring his past where his ex Sonia and brother Fred were killed, 10 years ago.

Filled with gruesome revelations, tragic scenes, horrible secrets, and disturbing moments of truth, gone for good season 1 is truly an amazing watch. Especially if you love unraveling tangles!

Gone for good is a family drama as well which deals with certain secrets that every family has. To know more about Gone for good season 1, you ought to watch the show on Netflix.

Is Gone For Good Season 2 Cancelled?

Gone for good is a mini-series which means that it is highly unlikely that there will be Season 2 for Gone For Good. Miniseries are created in such a way that the story concludes after the finale of the first season itself.

The 5 episodes of Gone for good season 1 are created in such a narrative that there is hardly a scope for a second season. So, we are sorry to break your bubble but chances are extremely low to nil for the Second Season of Gone For Good.

Coben’s View

Mystery novelist Coben upon whose novel, Gone for good was made has stated that he was honored to be a part of this mini-series, working with the hard-working and super talented cast and crew.

Coben is grateful to Netflix that his previous works like “The Stranger”, ” The Woods”, “The Innocent”, and “Safe” have been successfully turned into mini-series by Netflix.

In fact, there are 14 more of his works that are to be made into visual adaptations on Netflix.

By taking note of Coben’s works that have been made into series, even a common man can decipher that these are all limited series. Hence, Gone for good season 2 will not be coming on Netflix in the future.

But, no need to get disheartened as you can watch similar other mystery thrillers like the ones mentioned above which are as good as gone for good. Till then, for those who still haven’t watched the intense French series Gone for good, you guys are missing out a lot.

So, to trigger your curiosity here is the trailer of Gone for good that will make you skip everything and go and watch this thriller!


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