Will we catch a glimpse of “Kingdom Season 2” in the coming days? Read to find out!


Netflix’s popular show “Kingdom” has been doing the rounds for a long time. Dealing with a lot of relevant issues from politics, crime, murder, and sly plans, we will not be surprised if Netflix announces Kingdom Season 2.

This Argentinian political show has become a favorite amongst the viewers owing to its gripping story, amazing acting, and the suspense it delivers at the end of each episode.

So, will we

The Cast

Kingdom Season 1 had an amazing cast who fully lived up to their potential of acting. From superb Argentinian actor Diego Peretti, Mercedes Morán, Vera Spinetta, Joaquín Furriel, Peter Lanzani, Chino Darín, and Nancy Dupláa to name a few it’s safe to say that all of the members have done a fascinating job.

The different layers of their characters, their evil minds, and their strategic ideologies have shaken the viewers to their core. It seemed that they were actually those characters and not separate human beings playing their roles.

Kingdom season 2 will have these phenomenal actors return for pivotal roles in matters of politics as well as new members can also be introduced. For now, in Kingdom season 2 other actors like the beautiful Sofia Gala, Victoria Almeida, Uriel Nicolás Díaz, Alfonso Tort, and Santiago Korovsky are all set to light our screens on fire with their wit and games.

With such a talented cast, there leaves no room for doubt that Kingdom season 2 will be a delightful watch!

The Storyline

Kingdom season one had an intriguing story where a televangelist running for a presidential position faces trials and tribulations in the process. But, there’s a horrific twist. The candidate who was competing with him named Armando Badajoz is suddenly assassinated, and thus the protagonist Emilio Vázquez Pena grabs this opportunity to rise. However, how did the competitor get killed? Did Emilio win the election? Was Emilio behind this? Or is there something darker lurking behind?

For that, you must turn in Netflix as soon as possible and watch Kingdom season 1 right away!

All we can say is that Emilio’s legal advisor Rubén fully supports the former, although they share a fair deal of differences, and by his help, Emilio succeeds in all his quests. Meanwhile, Tadeo and Jonathan leave the country for good and land in a small village, while Rubén tries to figure out what actually goes on in Emilio’s head. There’s also a scene where Emilio states that he was supposed to be murdered and not Armando Badajoz. But how?

Well, as we said, for that you must watch Kingdom.

Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

Enough of the suspense right? So, here we go. With the immense popularity of Kingdom, likely, Kingdom season 2 is not far behind. Although Netflix is yet to announce the official date, we have our hopes high that Kingdom season 2 is on the way.

Season 1 with its 8 episodes has already left a mark on the viewers and with the ending on the last episode of season 1, likely, Kingdom season 2 will definitely return. Otherwise how else will we know what happened with Tadeo and Jonathan? And also a glimpse of the estranged relationship between Emilio and Rubén.

Till the released date of Kingdom season 2 is revealed, here’s the intense trailer of season 1!


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