Ryan Reynold’s “Free Guy” rages No.1 at the Box Office by collecting $28.4 Million on first day!


Ryan Reynolds had done it again! Free Guy, starring him has crossed all obstacles and has been storming in the movie theaters. The 20th Century Studio and Disney’s collaborative production of the film Free Guy has been proven successful.

This science-fiction movie with bursts of comedy in between has been widely appreciated by audiences all over the globe. With the third Delta variant scaring everyone, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has elicited a great response indeed!

Read below to find out more about Free Guy, and the millions it has been collecting ever since its release.

Free Guy Surpasses Expectations

As a result of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, it is itself a risky move to release a movie in the theatres. However, within a few days of release, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has gathered a sum of $26 million from as many as 4,165 theatres of North America! Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy also had an amazing rapport overseas as the film collected a total of $22.5 million from there.

With a budget of about $100 million, the total amount of money collected, which is a whopping $51 million is quite impressive seeing the post-Covid-19 phase. Of course, if we’re talking about pre-Covid times then $51 million is not that a huge amount. However, the fact that viewers are still flocking to the movie halls to watch our handsome Ryan Reynolds in action even in such difficult times does make the film praiseworthy!

The Reason For Such A Massive Response

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has received positive reviews from a lot of critics which has helped in spreading the word about the film. Attaining grade A for a Pg-13 movie is no joke! And Free Guy has passed the test. As a result of the positive remarks, and thanks to the word of mouth, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy is getting all the attention it deserves!

Also, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy appealed to the population of older, middle-aged men who were less prone to ditch crowded places. Why? Because barring kids the adults have been most fully vaccinated. So, there were minimal reasons to be afraid from retraining from the movie theatres, unlike the kids or teenagers who mostly have been partially vaccinated.

All of the above-mentioned reasons worked well for Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy and it has been gaining a great outcome ever since.

Other movies

When most of the films are focused on releasing at several OTT platforms Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has indeed taken a bold step in undertaking a theatrical release.

With most movies like Marvel’s The Suicide Squad, and Black Widow opting for online streaming modes, except films like Snake Eyes, F9, and A Quiet Place Part II, Free Guy really deserves hats off. Especially because all the other films which were released in theatres were mainly sequels. But Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy was a standalone movie and not a sequel.

We are indeed proud of this risky move!

The Plot

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy follows the story of a bank teller, Guy played by Ryan Reynolds discovers that he is a player in an action-packed, survival video game. Thus, begins his journey of warding off enemies in the game, falling in love with his coder girl, and some death-defying stunts to save the day!

Watch out for the trailer!


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