Watch Oscar Issac in Marvel’s Moon Night shares some never before seen footage of the film! Here’s everything you must know!


Oscar Issac, the moon night has made his fans happy yet again. How do you ask? Well, he has been sharing some exclusive behind the scenes clips of his training. Training would be a subtle term to use because the physical strain he has been putting up on his Instagram handle is truly gruelling to look at!

While Mad Gene, the production company under which Issac is working has kept quiet about the new series Moon Night, Issac and his covertness have made him share extensive fight training that is a sheer treat to the eyes! Thanks to Issac who has been posting his training sessions since March, his fans are more than happy to see him in action.

Issac Shares Exclusive Training Footage

At the age of 42 when most middle-aged guys resort to laying on the couch munching in junk food and watching television our Issac shows them how’s it done at 42! Punching, kicking, jumping, and bringing down the other stuntmen Oscar glides flexibly, his every move beautifully measured and precise as though he’s a born fighter!

If the fight sessions had already made your jaws drop, then wait for the other action clip he posted!

Here Issac with his rugged beard and moustache with a hint of grey in them sporting a classy man bun is seen punching his training partner, practising his moves to be flawless!

Well, fans have the verdict for our moon night, Oscar Issac, which is flawlessly perfect. Seeing Issac moving, bending, and squatting so effortlessly at age 42 has made even youngsters question their strength, let alone other 42-year-old males!

And as for Isaac’s female audience, they are have become weak on the knees seeing the handsome hunk in power-packed action.

All we have to say is that Issac, we want more of these clips. And that too, soon! It motivates us to remain fit and healthy.

Moon Night Synopsis

Oscar Issac has given us a glimpse of what to expect in the Marvel series. However, for those who are not aware of the comic, Moon Night aka Spector, a fictional superhero character played by Issac himself will be shown as a vigilante suffering from a dissociative identity disorder.

The plot summary is as follows: After a near-death experience during an archaeological excavation, Spector is brought back to life by Khonshu, a powerful Egyptian God. But under one condition. Spector aka Issac is to be placed on Earth as an avatar of Khonshu. Different characters like Steven Grant, a bratty playboy and Jake Lockley an ordinary cabbie are introduced as avatars of Khonshu who will appear in the film Moon Night as well.

The whole film will be shot against the backdrop of the beautiful yellow land of Egypt with its mighty pyramids.

Moon Night Cast

Moon Night has an ensemble cast at its premises. Here’s who would be starring in the film!

Apart from Issac as Moon Night himself, there are talented actors like Ethan Hawke playing an unnamed, mischievous villain s well as the ever beautiful May Calamawy.

Other crew members include writer Mohamed Diab famous for his work El Gezira and Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson.

Although the release date is not yet announced, Moon Night will be available on Disney plus!


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