Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman 2” Reveals Villain? Here’s all you need to know about “Necrus” and much more!


Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has been a hit ever since it was released in 2019. Now, talks have been doing the rounds, about the production of Aquaman 2 starring Jason Momoa again. But hold up! There have been speculations that Aquaman 2 will give its viewers a glimpse of Necrus. 

Director James Wan has been working on the film’s title which is Necrus. In fact, in one of his posts on Instagram, Wan has disclosed that Necrus might be the title of the movie. Ever since fans haven’t stopped talking! So what is this Necrus? And if Necrus makes an appearance in the movie what difference does it make? 

Necrus as per comics

Necrus has been talked about often in the comics of Aquaman. It is known as a city of doom, situated beneath the ocean, similar to Atlantis. As per the comics, Necrus only emerges in space, on a new dimension when some foreign satellite infiltrates into the orbit of the Earth. Thus, just as Necrus can sprout on any of Earth’s parts so it can dissolve into thin air! 

Necrus is ruled by Mongo, an oppressor where the people reel under his torment. Mongo even waged a war against the dwellers upon the surface of the Earth following which there was a huge battle between Atlantis and Necrus. 

Mongo: The Villain of Aquaman Comics

According to the comics of Aquaman, Mongo is a tyrant who loathes the dwellers of the surface. He even slaughters those who try to venture inside the oceans as he believes that only those who can breathe seamlessly underwater are the true inhabitants of Necrus. 

Mongo also tried to lure Aquaman into his team but failed miserably as Aquaman decided to be the protector and savior of Atlantis.  Word has it that Aquaman 2 can adopt this storyline found in the comics! 

Necrus is making a debut in Aquaman 2? 

Jason Momoa’s film title Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hints that the lost kingdom might be Necrus.  Although director James Wan hasn’t confirmed anything it is more than likely that Necrus will be debuting in Aquaman 2.

And Mongo? Ah yes! The villain of Aquaman 2 which you all have been waiting for is to make an appearance in it as well. The role of Mongo is yet to be decided as the director needs someone who exudes a fearsome and dominating persona who will prove to be lethal to Momoa’s Aquaman. 

We think that Pilou Asbæk, an alumnus of popular television show Game of Thrones will be appropriate for the role of Mongo. 

What do you think? 

Aquaman Plot

Meanwhile, in Aquaman, we have seen Jason Momoa as Aquaman occupy the throne of Atlantis as the rightful king by defeating the plans of Ocean Master aka Patrick Wilson who wanted to assassinate the dwellers on the surface.  Now, fans believe that the Ocean Master might belong to Necrus and in Aquaman 2 the story of Necrus will be revealed. 

For now, we hope that Aquaman surpasses our expectations and delivers a stellar film for the audience to blow their minds away! Necrus, we will be waiting for you! And Mongo too! 


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