“You vs. Wild: Out Cold” to premiere on Netflix! Here’s all you need to know about this “Bear Grylls” interactive session!


Adventure man “Bear Grylls” is all set to come back for the third installment of Netflix’s show “You vs Wild”, an intense survival shows that has kept its audiences as well as the lovers of Bear Grylls on the edge.

You vs Wild: Out Cold will be the third part of this Netflix interactive session. While the first series You vs Wild was released in 2019 and Animals on the Loose was released in the early months of 2021, viewers are expecting You vs Wild: Out Cold to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride that will surpass the expectations of the first 2 anthologies.

Read below to find out more about Bear Grylls’ You vs Wild: Out Cold.

You vs Wild: Out Cold, All You Need To Know

Bear Grylls’ You vs Wild: Out Cold is a by-product of his famous series in Discover Channel, known as “Man vs Wild” that we all know had a superb viewership from the year 2006 till recently that is 2020. In the interactive session of You vs Wild: Out Cold, Bear Grylls kids via advanced technology will instruct our brave man of the wild, Bear Grylls to survive treacherous conditions in the wild environment.

Audiences can expect Bear Grylls to fight against all odds. The story follows the plot where Bear Grylls finds himself in a plane crash and lands in the icy cold snowy mountains in an emergency. Struggling with amnesia Bear tries his best to protect himself as well as the aircraft’s pilot from harsh and cruel wintery nights as well as impossibly snowy days where the lands are covered in thickets of snow.

Apart from the merciless winters, Bear will also have to cross dangerous walls of rocks, dark and deep tunnels that are cold, and also come face-to-face with wild beasts. In such a condition his only escape is by following the choices of the kids who indirectly interact make decisions for Bear through their devices.

Thus, You vs Wild: Out Cold is just like a live, graphic gaming experience that is not only fun but also imparts important survival skills amongst the kids lest they find themselves in such difficult conditions. The duration of You vs Wild: Out Cold will be that of 25 to 45 minutes based on the choices of the user.

You vs Wild: Out Cold Release Date

Bear Grylls’ You vs Wild: Out Cold is all set to premiere on September¬† 14th on the online streaming platform Netflix. You will get to see Bear Grylls in some gripping action, paving his way through tough climates and finding bare means to survive!

With such advanced gaming technologies being available we are more than excited to witness what more of such interactive sessions awaits us. But, for now, we just can’t keep calm for You vs Wild: Out Cold and are eagerly waiting for September to catch the show with our family and friends!

We are certain that You vs Wild: Out Cold is going to be an amazing watch. Let’s get ready for a blast!


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