“Captain America 4” is coming with a blast!! Marvel fans, we bring you everything you must know about it!


Fans have been asking for it and guess what? Marvel Studios has heard the prayers of its fans and now we are probably going to witness the 4th part of our favourite Captain America!

A news channel going by the name of Hollywood Reporter has revealed that production works for the 4th instalment of the movie Captain America is beginning! Marvel has kept tight-lipped about the whole event but now, we have got enough sources that hint that Captain America is coming to theatres!

Read below to know more about the 4th part of Captain America.

Captain America, The 4th Part: What To Expect?

The 4th anticipated instalment of Captain America has been meddling with 2 actors who are supposedly going to be the protagonist that is Captain America himself. These two supposed actors are our all-time classical favourite, Chris Evans and the newbie hottie Anthony Mackie! So, who would it be? Marvel hasn’t revealed the secret yet.

The first film, Captain America with Chris Evans as the lead played Steve Rogers. But chances are that after the final Marvel enterprise which is the Endgame when Evans was transported back to Earth, all old and wrinkly, Evans might not make a comeback in this 4th part of Captain America.

Forgetting his past life in the Endgame, Chris was shown to live a peaceful life with Peggy Carter, who was his love interest.

Seeing the storyline where Evans hands over his super-powerful shield to Sam Wilson aka Anthony, it is more than likely that we are going to see Anthony in the 4th instalment. Moreover, Anthony is also shown to embrace the terrific weapon which is the shield given by the Captain and is determined to use it for good purpose!

He even informs the government of the US regarding the proceedings of the country because he has become the superhero saviour and protector!

Seeing all these hints, there might be a high chance that Anthony is going to debut in the 4th part of Captain America. But we have no complaints because Anthony is known to be a great stunt performer and we would love to see him in action!

Release Date of Captain America “The 4th Saga”

Although the director of the 4th saga of Captain America is yet to be decided fans can let out a sigh of relief as it is sure that we will be seeing the 4th instalment of Captain America in the year 2023!

Marvel is in the process of finding an appropriate director for this film and also has to select the lead.

It’s a long wait for sure, but till then Marvel enthusiasts you must hold your breath as the 4th instalment of Captain America is going to be a bumpy ride with full-fledged adventures, and a whole lot of action, killing evil masterminds and finding love, because no superhero film is complete without a little passion, isn’t it?

Hopefully, there will be newer updates available regarding the start of production and the protagonist of the film, Captain America, 4th part.


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