Marvel announces 2nd Season for Spidey and his amazing friends! Here’s everything you need to know about it and much more!


Kids, it’s your turn to leap in the air in joy. Why? Because the 2nd installment of Spidey and his amazing friends is coming on Disney Junior. Spidey and his amazing friends aimed at children have been raging in Disney Junior, owing to the great graphics!

With an impressive rating of being the first showrunner on Disney Junio, Spidey, and his amazing friends, Marvel’s new series has earned more than 80 million views within weeks.

Read below to find out more about Marvel’s new venture!

Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Storyline

Spidey and his amazing friends narrate the plot of a young Spiderman aka Peter Parker who joins the superhero group of Hulk, a youngster, Black Panther also a youngster, and Ms. Marvel, yes you guessed it right, a youngster, along with some of Peter’s close friends named Gwen Stacy and his best bud, Miles Morales to bring down villains having vile plans, who are Doc Ock, Rhino as well as Green Goblin.

Perfect for young toddlers, Spidey and his amazing friends are known to impart important life lessons to little kids who will learn the meaning of who is a true friend and not hesitate in helping those who need it the most.

Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Voiceover Artists

Spidey and his amazing friends consist of a wonderful cast of talented artists. Read below to know who’s voicing your favorite characters.

Peter Parker is played by the brilliant Benjamin Valic, the young crush of Peter, Gwen is played by none other than Lily Sanfelippo who has the most melodious voice, and Parker’s best friend is Miles’s voice is given by Jakari Fraser. Thus the star-embedded cast makes Spidey and his amazing friends an exciting watch for children, especially those between 5-10 years!

Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Release Date

Your eager kids might be nagging you by saying when can they watch their favorite superheroes on screen. Well, you can tell them that it’s soon! Disney Junior has disclosed that Spidey and his amazing friends will premiere on the online streaming platform on the 22nd of September, 2021!

But only 7 episodes of the 2nd season will be released on that fateful Wednesday. But, no need to panic as more episodes of Spidey and his amazing friends will come out in the following Fridays respectively!

Cheers, kids! Now you are going to hurry up from your baths and eat your food without fuss watch Spidey and his superb friends on extraordinary adventures! Spidey and his amazing friends will be showcased on Disney Junior at exactly 12:30 pm in the noon and also at 7:30 pm! Kids, mark your time!

Manager’s Words

Disney Junior’s general manager who is known by everyone as Joe D’Ambrosia has stated in an interview that the whole crew of Spidey and his amazing friends has been exhilarated by the positive reviews of the series approved by parents and guardians as well!

Thus, he hopes the relationship between Marvel and Disney strengthens as they go on producing more of such superhero stories, series, and movies depicting friendship and highlighting on adventures. As audiences, we wish the best of luck to both of these amazing production houses and hope our kids can witness more amazing superhero content.

Spidey And His Amazing Friends: Trailer

Check out this amazing trailer! 


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