“Season 4 of Virgin River” is on the way! Here’s what we know about the Filming, Plot, Release Date, and other details of the show on Netflix!


“Virgin River Season 4” might be under the filming process. Although Netflix hasn’t announced anything officially, chances are that the production of Virgin River is under process to shoot the 4th brand new season!

While season 1 of Virgin River premiered in 2019 in December, season 2 in 2020 in November, and season 3 in 2021 in July, fans are speculating that season 4 of Virgin River can begin its production anytime now!

Reigning in the category of best 10 of Netflix shows ever since its release, for more than a month, Virgin River has succeeded in maintaining a favorable position amongst its viewers both in the US as well as overseas. Thus, owing to its raging popularity, Virgin River season 4 can begin filming any moment!

Read below to find out more about this Netflix series!

Season 4 of Virgin River: Recap

For those who are unaware, being newly acquainted with this masterpiece via this article, Virgin River on Netflix is drama series that is loosely based on the novel titled Virgin River itself written by novelist Robyn Carr. The protagonist of Virgin River, Melinda aka the gorgeous Alexandra Breckenridge working as nurse shifts to a rustic North Californian town from a big city.

In 3 of the seasons of Virgin River, viewers are shown Mel or Melinda’s journey as she courses through life, adjusting her lifestyle according to the rural life, meeting new people, and experiencing drama, which no one prepared her for.

There are also many feel-good moments as Mel’s past life comes forth. There’s also an incident where Brady, aka Ben Hollingsworth, gets arrested as he becomes the prime suspect of shooting another character, Jack during the final moments of season 2. But why did Brady try to kill Jack? Sorry, but no more spoilers here!

And why did Mel leave her lavish hometown in the city? And what atrocities does she face in the Californian town? And most importantly does she find a love interest? To answer all, your questions, we recommend you give Virgin River a shot!

Virgin River Season 4: Release Date

Although season 4 of the anticipated Virgin River hasn’t gotten a positive nod from Netflix secret sources have been rumored to say that shooting has already begun from the last week in July 2021.

But don’t bear unrealistic expectations that season 4 of Virgin River will arrive with a bang in a few months as season 4 will only be premiered in 2022, probably in the months between April to July.

All we have to say is that we can’t keep calm to know more about Mel!

Virgin River Season 4: Plot Discussion

Spoilers ahead! Virgin River season 4 will delve deeper into the pregnancy of Mel. The finale of season 4 might even disclose who’s the father of Mel’s child. Meanwhile, the future of Brady looks bleak upon getting involved in the heinous crime. Will he ever b able to get out? That’s for season 4 to reveal!

Also, we have our fingers crossed for the comeback of Hope who has been missing since season 3 of Virgin River. But she had encountered a disastrous accident for which she is being treated in the hospital. Thus, Hopes’ fate is in the hands of season 4! A major character of Virgin River, Lynda Boyd is also confirmed to return as flashbacks for Virgin River season 4.

Till “Virgin River Season 4” arrives on Netflix, watch the trailer of this superb show!


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