Co-creator of “Westworld” teases fans on new fun and new worlds, in the upcoming Season 4! All you need to know is here!


The 4th season of HBO’s well-known show Westworld is going to come with a blast! The production of the web series has already started according to HBO. And now, the co-creator of the show is revealing hints in a fun way. Lisa Joy, who is the co-creator of the show, has said to the fans that they can expect the emergence of new universes in the coming 4th season. If you’re interested in knowing what will happen in Westworld then you must read below!

Westworld: The Cast

Westworld has some of the well-known and superb actors on board who are going to give a mind-blowing performance without any doubt. For the role of the protagonist that is Dolores, we have the stunning Rachael Wood, stepping into the shoes of Maeve and Bernard we have Thandiwe Newton and Jeffery Wright.

Other cast members include Ed Harris, Tessa Thompson, James Marsden, and Luke Hemsworth. An amazing group of the cast to watch out for!

Westworld: Storyline

West World has a rotten tomato rating of 81% and enjoys a favorable position in the HBO list. So, what is this Westworld and why is the show so loved by audiences? For those who are unaware, here is a summary and recap of the show known as Westworld.

Loosely following the movie which has the same title, Westworld narrates the story of an era that is under great turmoil. This science-fiction plot gives us a place that is an amusement park, technologically advanced for sure.

In this tech-savvy world of dystopia there inhabit people, more like hosts who are made from Android. In a twist of the tale, the park even welcomes humans who have a lot of money. But why are humans entering this humanoid park? It’s because they want to relive their deepest desires and fantasies.

But there is only one condition, humanoids cannot harm humans. But will that rule prevail? For that, you have to keep an eye out on Westworld. Packed with a lot of adventures, tricky situations, and new dimensions, Westworld is a fabulous show that has kept the audiences hooked since the premiere of the 1st season. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the 4th season.

Westworld: Plot, Hear From Lisa Joy!

The recent adaptation of Westworld that is season 3 had the hosts disobeying their masters. The protagonist of the series Dolores aka Rachel Woods left the world of dystopia to settle in the year 2053 in Los Angeles. If you want to know what caused Dolores to leave the new world, you have to check out the show.

But, there is more to come in season 4 of the world of turmoil in Westworld. It has been revealed by sources that in the 4th Edition there could be the return of the dangerous parks called the Delos where the humans often visit to relieve their fantasies. The reason why the Park is called dangerous will also be disclosed.

Lisa Joy has jokingly said that in the anticipated season 4 of the fabulous series there are going to be some expansion of worlds that are going to be fun-filled. Lisa is also known to bring some of the characters from Reminiscence which is her new film.

Lisa has hinted that amongst the characters there will be someone who has been kidnapped. Lisa sure knows how to keep her fans guessing. But, seeing and hearing all these revelations we are certain that Westworld is going to be a super series where we will be glued to our screens!

Watch out for the 4th season!!


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