“The Crown Season 5” is COMING! Read below to know Production Date, Cast, and more about the upcoming season!


For those who have not yet watched this royal drama series, we must say that you are missing out on a lot of fun, drama, politics, and passion that is for sure. Nominated for the Oscars, the Crown has been crowned as number one by the fans of this show.

Now, there is news that The Crown will come again for a season 5, and viewers who have fallen in love with this royalty cannot keep calm. There are confirmed updates that The Crown will take the breath away of its audiences in this new installment.

The Crown: Production Date of 5th Season

Wait for it. Because the best things come for those who wait! The official announcement has been made of when The Crown will be produced. So, the huge moment of revelation has arrived! Ready for it? The 5th edition of none other than The Crown will start its production from July 2021!

A reporter from the magazine Variety has confirmed on 7th April that The Crown will start its production process from July itself. This is the production starts from July then we can expect the show to return in the next year which is 2022! Fans, are you excited yet?

It has also been revealed that the shooting will also take place in the royal city of London where the famous King and Queen Prince Charles and Elizabeth reigned! We can’t wait to see the beautiful locations of London once again as well as the characters!

The Crown: The Cast of Season 5

It has been disclosed and shared by actress Staunton that she will be arriving for the role of Queen Elizabeth II. As for Princess Margaret, her role will be taken over by none other than the super talented Lesley Manville! We are sure that both these actresses will surpass their roles and give us enough reasons to watch The Crown.

Sadly Tobias Menzies will not play Prince Philip anymore as his age will not suit the character and hence for the important role of Prince Philip, Jonathan Pryce is the choice of the director. And now we know, what question is bugging you, who will play the part of Princess Diana.

Well, sources reveal that the part of Princess Diana will be played by none other than the gorgeous Elizabeth Debicki. She has the authority, the charm, and even the poise of Diana and hence Debicki is undoubtedly the best choice for the part of Diana. As for Prince Charles, the part will be given to handsome hunk Dominic West. He too will justify his role like none other!

The Crown: How Many Seasons Will There Be?

There has been a lot of talks regarding how many seasons will comprise The Crown. At first, Netflix was determined that The Crown will consist of 6 seasons as only then can it depict the complex stories of each character fully. But this decision was canceled and it was decided that the Crown will have only 5 seasons due to production difficulties.

But, it seems that the prayers of the fans have been listened to by God himself and now the final decision is made. Netflix has announced officially that The Crown will indeed have a total of 6 seasons! Thus, it is time to rejoice! We will be eagerly waiting for season 5 for now!


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