Netflix Releases updates on “Who killed Sara Season 3”! Everything you must know about Plot, Cast, and Release Date is here!


Yes Netflix, we do want to know, Who the hell killed Sara? It has been months since the thriller series was released on Netflix and fans have been going gaga over this show. From nail-biting plot twists to captivating dialogues like, ” Nothing is illegal until you get caught” giving even hardcore criminals a chill, Who Killed Sara has been raging in the list of top 10 ever since it’s released!

But the suspense has heightened too much now! The makers of this incredible show sure know how to keep the thrill surging in our veins. With each episode we feel, we are so close to finding the killer but then again in the last few tense moments of the finale everything becomes awry and we get back to square one.

But, now it seems we are finally going to see, Who Killed Sara with the news of its third season in progress. Read below to know what’s burning!

Who Killed Sara Season 3: Release Date

Are you excited fans? Because we are finally going to reveal the release date of the 3rd season of the most anticipated show of the year, Who Killed Sara. Now, let’s get a little calculative, shall we? Season 1 episodes of Who Killed Sara premiered in March 2021 and season 2 episodes of the show arrived in May, this year itself. Thus, seeing the rapid release of the first 2 episodes it’s likely that Netflix won’t release the 3rd season this year.

But, don’t have to get upset fans! Good news awaits as chances are more than likely that the 3rd installment of Who Killed Sara will return with more thrills and more kills in the following year than is 2022! Are you ready for it? Because only 4 months are left! Woohoo!

Who Killed Sara Season 3: Cast

Our beautiful but tragic girl Sara is played by the sizzling Ximena Lamadrid who fully justified her role! Another one of the important actors in the series that deserves a special mention is Alex, who is the rightful brother of Sara, played by the handsome Manolo Cardona. It is revealed that there is a pretty important comeback for Alex in season 3 along with Sara!

Other vital cast members include the brilliant Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo, Carolina Miranda as Elisa, and Eugenio Siller as Jose Maria! We can’t wait for them to return!

Who Killed Sara: Storyline & Plot

A lot of twists are coming in season 3 as per records. Tighten your seatbelts fans as the flight is going to be bumpy! While our minds are running on many suspects trying to figure out who is Sara’s killer, our doubts are pointed more at Marifer. Marifer is the half-sister of our tragic queen Sara, as disclosed in the previous seasons who had tried to kill her supposed sister by cutting the harness of the parachute.

But hold up, if you follow the series, you are well aware that this cruel incident was not why Sara died. The mysterious phone call between Nicandro and a “doctor” whom we don’t know the name of has revealed that although Marifer might be partially responsible, things are not what they seem to be.

We know you would literally give away your last possession to figure out Sara’s killer, but have a little more patience till 2022! We hope that season 3 finally brings us an answer to Sara’s murderer. Till then watch the awesome trailer of season 2 of Who Killed Sara!


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