Netflix’s steamiest show “Sex/life” is back for “Season 2”! Release Date, Cast, Plot, and everything you must know is here!


Whether you enjoy a fulfilling and intimate relationship with your partner or you are a loner, living independently you would lie if you say that watching Sex/life hasn’t aroused you even once! The beautifully captured tender moments of passion, and the sultry music playing in the background before the actors jump into action, must have turned both you and the AC on, isn’t it?

Well, we don’t blame you! Even thinking about the bold scenes makes us sweat our hearts throbbing crazily! And while some pull their partners closer, the singles tuck themselves inside the blanket! Having such raving reviews it is quite certain that Sex/Life might very well come for a season 2! Read below to find out more about what’s steaming!

Sex/Life Season 2: Release Date

Will it arrive or will it not arrive? We know how eagerly you guys are waiting for a season 2. The excitement shown on-screen somehow make our boring, mundane lives interesting! So, the biggest question is here, will we get to see season 2 of this series?

The short answer to that is yes! And the long answer is, well, not yet! Sex/Life has sizzled its way to feature in the top 10 list of Netflix thanks to the desire-driven viewers! Thus, chances are high that as the desires of the audiences heighten, so will Netflix decide to come forth with the 2nd season of this erotic show! We are sure that Netflix won’t disappoint us!

Sex/Life Season 2: The Cast

With super-talented actors who have managed to make our heads turn and eyes pop out with their raunchy screen presence, Sex/Life is holding ground because of the wonderful cast! If there is an official announcement of season 2, then the protagonist of the series Billie aka Sarah Shahi will definitely make a comeback! Sarah’s on-screen husband Cooper played by the hottie Mike Vogel as well as her seductive ex-boyfriend Brad popularly known as Adam Demos will also reunite in the 2nd season!

Other cast members who also have a vital part are Margaret Odette’s Sasha, Li Jun Li’s Francesca, and Jonathan Sadowski’s Devon as well! We hope with such juicy characters as the cast, the 2nd installment of Sex/Life will be really hardcore!

Sex/Life: Storyline & Plot

So, are we going to be introduced to more spicy scenes in the 2nd season? Are there more mysteries to unravel? And will the main characters finally find out what they want? Well, too many questions have already started circling our minds. So, here’s what we can expect the plot of the 2nd edition of Sex/Life to be!

We are aware that Billie, a housewife frustrated with having a boring relationship with Cooper decides to go wild with her ex-boyfriend named Brad, with whom she shared a racy relationship in the past. In the upcoming season, Billie will make important life decisions about what her heart truly desires as her life begins to fall apart because of all that she endured with her husband and her ex-lover.

This season will reveal some of the past traumas of Brad due to which he has been sabotaging his relationship with everyone else. We are also introduced to Cooper’s side whose inability to enjoy the present moment has led him to create a gap between him and his wife! Thus, all the layers of the characters in the 2nd edition will be peeled as we get to see who they really are behind the mask!

All we have to say is that we can’t wait for the 2nd season anymore! Till then, here’s Sex/Life’s trailer for the 1st season!


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