“Locke and Key” coming for Season 2! Release, Cast, Plot, and everything you need to know!


Netflix has always been on the top list when it comes to horror and supernatural films and series. One such extraordinary horror series is Locke and Key that was an instant hit amongst supernatural freaks within a few days of its release. With an interesting tale of two siblings, a lot of jump-scares, and unique storytelling, season 1 of Locke and Key was indeed a spooky watch!

Hence fans can’t wait to know if this ghostly drama show is making a comeback for a 2nd installment! But, we are here to clarify all your questions. All you need to do is read below to find all the answers!

Locke and Key: Release Date

Locke and Key were received with a positive nod by supernatural lovers worldwide upon its release of the 1st season on 7th February 2020. So do you want to know when can you experience all the mysterious horrors of the show once again?

Well, the wait is almost over! While the date of the premiere has not been disclosed, production started in September, the previous year which was paused due to Covid-19. Hence, the 2nd season is all set to make your hearts flutter in fear this coming October! Keep your lights turned on as it is going to be a frightful watch!

Locke and Key: Cast

Locke and Key is supported by extremely talented actors like Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke, and the cute kid Jackson Rober Scott as Bode Locke who all have delivered powerful performances in the 1st season.

The trio is set to return in the 2nd edition as well along with their mother Nina Locke aka Darby Stanchfield, the shape-shifter demon Dodge aka Laysla De Oliveria, and Griffin Gluck to name a few! New cast members include Brendan Hines as the mysterious history professor Josh Bennet and Liyou Abere, who is Bode’s friend Amie Bennet. Can’t wait to see them on screen!

Locke and Key: Plot

For the 2nd season, we get to see the children of Locke take on being responsible owners of the keys that open newer dimensions, naming themselves as “keepers” as they pledge to save Ellie who is trapped in a dangerous dimension called Void due to the Dodge’s deceit. We do hope that Ellie gets rescued by the keepers because we are unaware of what condition she might be in!

Also, the Locke kids will likely come across more mysterious keys that take us to newer doorways leading to newer worlds to see what secrets these worlds hold! Fans tighten your seatbelts as you are going to witness some gory scenes, enthralling dimensions, and a lot of dangers awaiting you! Can the Locke siblings protect everyone including themselves from these demons and spirits? That’s for season 2 to reveal!

Locke and Key: Storyline

Go and watch Locke and Key if you haven’t already because here we are giving subtle spoilers of season 1! The story is about three kids who shift to their ancestral bungalow, Keyhouse upon their father’s demise where they stumble upon different sets of keys that take them to surreal worlds and even change them to ghosts!

In the 1st season, we see Dodge attacking the Keyhouse searching for the key named Omega but Bode finds a way to outsmart the demon using the Matchstick key. In the final seconds we see Dodge being thrown into the Void via the Omega door but guess what? Dodge is Ellie as the former by using the Key termed Identity swapped her appearance to look like Ellie!

Here’s the trailer for season 1!


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