Romantic K-drama “Nevertheless”, back with Season 2!! Release Date, Cast, Plot, all you need to know is here!


Sometimes we wish why our lives aren’t like the lovey-dovey K-dramas? Such cute moments of love, scenes of professing love for one another, and the oh-so-handsome Korean boys who are drool-worthy! Such an amazing series is Nevertheless streaming on Netflix!

With the perfect background score and numerous heart-melting moments, Nevertheless has won million hearts in South Korea and across the globe! Oh, how we wish we could find such romantic Korean guys in real life, isn’t it? But it seems we need to make peace from watching similar K-dramas for now!

So, are we going to witness the second season of Netflix’s Nevertheless? Read below to find out!

Nevertheless: Release Date

Nevertheless first appeared on Netflix in June 2021 and the season finale was on 21st August 2021. So, when is the release date of season 2? Well, with such a huge popularity of this super-romantic series we do likely get to see the sizzling romance between the two protagonists very soon! But Netflix hasn’t announced anything officially regarding the release date yet. But don’t get your hopes down because secret sources reveal that season 2 will make its way into our hearts in the year 2022!

Just like season 1 had 10 episodes having a runtime of about 1 hour, season 2 will also follow the same pattern! Fans, you no longer have to be upset as your favorite characters will surely come very soon with more mush! Be ready.

Nevertheless: Cast

For the cast of Nevertheless, we have our chocolate boy Song Kang who is popular for his extraordinary role in ” Sweet Home”! He plays the flirty but caring Park Jae-eon and his love interest is the sweetest Yu Na-Bi aka Han So Hee!

Both of these actors will be coming for season 2 along with others like Chae Jong-hyeop, Lee Ho-Jung, Lee Tul-eum, and Jung Jae-Kwang! But sadly Kim Min-gwi’s Nam Gyu-Hyun will not make a comeback in the 2nd edition. But, we are sure that all the actors will fully justify their roles and make us go crazy with their performances!

Nevertheless: Plot

In the much-awaited season, 2 fans will be introduced to what the future holds for Na-bi and her love interest Jae-eon. We want to see whether Na-bi follows her dreams of art without getting distracted by her intense emotions for Jae-eon and also we want Hae-eon to mend his arrogant attitude for real this time and grow softer towards Na-bi because honestly, she deserves the best! But would know what?

Love conquers all and somewhere in our hearts, we are certain that these two adorable couples will work out in the end balancing their feelings for each other as well as their careers. Because let’s be honest here, both are equally important! Netflix, release season 2 already!

Nevertheless: Storyline

From the first season itself, K-fans have been shipping the two cuties of the show. For those who are unaware of this mushy show, here’s a quick recap! Nevertheless narrates the story between a guy who is a playboy and a shy girl who is scared to love.

A story that works magic every time! In the final episode, we see Na-bi break things up with Jae-eon even though they have feelings for each other and go forward with the exhibition. But as a twist of fate Jae-eon visits the same exhibition admiring Na–bi’s paintings. Professing his love to Na-bi the latter patches up with Lae-eon again.

Here’s the trailer for the 1st season!


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