Ending Explained of “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf”! Here’s all your unanswered questions finally revealed!


A by-product of Netflix’s famous horror Tv series The Witcher, consisting of Henry Cavill, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Street is an animated adaption of the prequel of the original series. The movie which was released on Netflix on 23rd August 2021 had received raging reviews from supernatural lovers due to its gripping story! But as much as we love The Witcher movie, some of us have been scratching our heads wondering what was that confusing ending all about! No need to worry as we are here to explain the ending in detail! Stay tuned.

The Witcher: Cast

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is voiced by notable actors! The protagonist of the animated movie Vesemir is voiced by our favorite Theo James, his friend Tetra is voiced by Lara Pulver, and Vesemir’s mentor Deglan is voiced by Graham McTavish. Other prominent voiceover artists include Mary McDonnell as Lady Zerbst, the love of Vesemir’s, Tom Canton as Filavandrel, and Matt Yang King as Luka! All the more reason to catch up on The Witcher if you haven’t already!

The Witcher: Storyline

The Witcher revolves around our witcher that is Vesemir who is battling with his innate dark side in the process of searching for a dangerous monster trying to disrupt Vesemir’s life as well the residents of the entire kingdom. When all the inhabitants of the kingdom are set to destroy the lethal monster, one of the residents named Tetra betrays their kingdom, siding with the demon while pulling off a facade that she actually desires to assassinate the so-called Witchers to render a demon-free land!

With mind-blowing action, grave fights between the good and the evil, and horrific-looking monsters, The Witcher is surely going to give you a lot of sleepless nights! Now to answer your burning questions, what happens in the journey which Vesemir and his deceptive friend undertake to murder the demon, and does Tetra betray her friend? Here’s the detailed ending of the movie to satiate your questions. A word of caution! Major spoilers are given below, so tread with caution!

The Witcher: Ending Explained

Those who have watched The Witcher are well aware that by the end of the movie we see Zerbst ask Vesemir and his co-partner Tetra to murder Kitsu. But, after a long battle, Kitsu outsmarts Vesemir and flees. Meanwhile, Vesemir accompanied by Tetra finds himself in a dungeon where he witnesses Filavandrel’s dead body.

Vesemir starts to mistrust Tetra and proving his wits true stumbles across Elf who was supposed to be killed by none other than Tetra! But, thanks to Filavandrel, Elf got rescued in time. That’s when the secret is revealed that Tetra is actually working with Kitsu! Soon Vesemir deciphers that it is his mentor Dengal who is turning people into monsters and as a result, there starts a battle between them as Lady Zebrst hides the kids.

Meanwhile, we see all the Witchers getting assassinated mercilessly which angers Vesemir and he gathers all his powers to kill Tetra, and even Kisu. But hold up, the truth is Vesemir actually killed Illyana because Tetra had put a vile spell on her! But just when Tetra was soaking in her victory Dengal has a change of heart and kills Tetra. The film ends with Dengal advising Vesemir to turn the kids into good witchers, not like the evil ones!

The ending of The Witcher is no doubt confusing but also emotional. We hope we have clarified all your doubts! On that note watch the trailer of this anime movie!



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