Rumors are flying of the premiere of “Love Island” in 2022! Release date, Rumors, Host, and all the gossip is here for you!


Dating shows are a wild watch! The love, the passion, the heated arguments, the jealousy, and the crowning couple at the last all make viewers hooked to the screen wondering what will come next. Such a dating show is Love Island that had hit off on the right note just after its release!

Now, there are rumors that Love Island is gearing up for a unique reunion of the cast along with an 8th season in the coming year after the two lovebirds Liam and his now girlfriend Millie were declared the winners of the 7th season in 2021! Read below to find out what holds for Love Island!

Love Island: Release Date

Sorry to break your bubble but Love Island hasn’t yet announced the release date for the 8th edition. But, there is no need to get sulky as the makers of the show have revealed that our beloved dating show Love Island will premiere the following year that is in 2022, most probably in June.

With newer contestants and even newer drama, the 8th season of Love Island is definitely going to steal our hearts! Also, the audiences were so in love with the show that the 7th installment had run for 8 long weeks as enjoyed by the viewers! We hope the 8th season runs this long too!

Love Island: Contestants For 2022

It’s hard to decipher the contestants of Love Island as the show makers recruit them quietly so that there are absolutely no spoilers available. Thus we are totally clueless just like you all regarding the members of the contestants in the 8th edition of Love Island that is to appear in 2022.

In the 7th season, we were shown that one of the sexiest contestants, Casa Amor was picked up by just viewing her Tinder profile while another of the male contestants’ named Harry Young was who worked as a salesman was chosen when in a video he revealed how dating had changed post-Covid-19! Woah! That’s some genius recruiting skills! It was also in the 7th season where Hugo Hammond, suffering from Talipes was selected. The first-ever disabled person to be chosen on a dating show! Great job Love Island!

Love Island: The Hosts And Narrators

A dating show is incomplete without an alluring female host, isn’t it? So, to fill in the void, we had the gorgeous Laura Whitmore as the host of the 7th edition of Love island who had the attention of the audience the moment she spoke in her unique and melodious voice. Many men watching Love Island had a crush on her! Thus, you men must be happy that Laura is yet to host the 8th season as well! Excited yet?

As for the role of the narrator, we have Mr funnybones, Iain Stirling who cracks us up, especially the women every time he cracks a joke who is all set to take his reins again in the 8th season as well. Don’t miss his puns okay?

Love Island: The Location

All the seasons of Love Island were shot in the beautiful location of Mallorca in Spain! Don’t deny that you envied the players for living in those lavish Spanish villas designed in a rustic style! This time too, the hyped dating show is to be shot in Mallorca itself and you are yet going to witness the gorgeous location of green meadows and luxurious rooms! Stay tuned for season 8n at only ITV. And till then watch the trailer of season 7!


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