Netflix’s newest home design show “Motel Makeover” is on the way for Season 2? Here’s Release date, Cast, Plot, and all that you must know!


Based on an original start-up, the Motel Makeover on Netflix is a unique show on remodeling a motel by two hardworking female entrepreneurs! We have all stayed in motels at one point in our lives but do we really know what goes into making a motel buzzing with tourists and making it stand out amongst other motels?

Well, the Motel Makeover shows exactly what happens when you take up the challenge to not only build but renovate a motel as per demands! The Netflix show has gotten all the deserved attention for its 1st season, and now it’s evident that viewers are wondering whether a season 2 is in the process! But, don’t worry, as we have got you covered. Read below to get all your answers!

Motel Makeover: Release Date

The answer you all have been waiting for is here! To be quite honest, Netflix hasn’t officially announced the release date of Motel Makeover yet and as tight-lipped, as Netflix is, it’s impossible to know the exact date of release of this show before a month prior. All we can do now is wait for the return of our favorite show!

But, don’t let your smiles disappear guys as chances are high that we might get to see Motel Makeover in the next year that is 2022, owing to the fantastic popularity of the show! Season one of the motel remodeling show aired this year on 25th August. Containing 6 interesting episodes that run for about half an hour, Motel Makeover’s magic had settled on the audiences from the 1st episode itself. Hence, we are sure that season 2 is not far behind.

Motel Makeover: Cast

Real-life motel owners of June Motel, as well as famous entrepreneurs April Brown and her lifelong friend Sarah Sklash star in this extraordinary show. Viewers must have been amazed at how well these two women act, even though they have no former training on being on shooting!

April Brown apart from being a successful motelier is also a travel enthusiast who shares her travel stories on social media quite frequently! Her BFF Sarah who also features in the show joined April, helping her start this dream project of June Motel in the year 2016. Both of these women have delivered outstanding performances, sharing their experiences of constructing the June Project that has managed to touch a chord with the viewers!

Motel Makeover: Storyline And Plot

Season 1 of Motel Makeover first introduced us to the story of both April and Sarah as they navigated through life together, making the June Motel a success. The real-life story follows the plot of these two wonderful women who decided to take up the challenge of transforming a dilapidated motel located in the city of Ontario into a brand new place, perfect for a retreat of millennials!

The show follows the numerous hardships, struggles, obstacles, financial drawbacks, April and Sarah faced while renovating the motel while getting the recognition they have now. The story is an intriguing watch as we get to see that although life is not easy, giving up on dreams is never an option!

Sarah has even revealed in an interview that June Motel has been their biggest renovation procedure that they have undertaken and which they are proud of. Perhaps if there is the 2nd installment of Motel Makeover we might see how the hotel fared, what type of guests decided to stay here, and other revelations as well. Till then, stop speculating and watch the season 1 trailer!


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