Season 2 of “Clickbait” renewed or cancelled? Click to know Release Date, Cast, Plot, and other details!


The Internet is a dangerous place to be! Along with all the interesting aspects the Internet has to offer, it also comes with a dark side which often people take advantage of. Such a story is Netflix’s unmissable show, Clickbait which focuses on the danger of identity theft which results in kidnapping as well as murder!

It’s not uncommon for people to misuse the powers of the Internet and Clickbait warns the viewers of the potential dangers and alerts the viewers in case they face a similar issue! Although Clickbait has received mixed reviews from critics, the viewers have thoroughly enjoyed the show and are looking forward to the 2nd season. Read below to find out!

Clickbait: Release Date

Those who have binge-watched the 1st season are aware that Clickbait is a mini-thriller-mystery series. It was first released on the online streaming platform Netflix this year on 25th August. Having a mere 8 episodes with intense moments, the runtime was 45 minutes. People were intrigued. But watching the dark side of humans and the show became a hit amongst the Gen-Z.

But, as is true for all limited series, it’s unlikely that Netflix will introduce a 2 nd season of this show. Yes, it’s truly disappointing. But, guess what, if the popularity of Clickbait surpasses expectations and viewers really want to know what happened to some of the unfinished stories, then Netflix might decide to run for a 2nd edition in 2022. For now, let’s hope for the best.

Clickbait: Cast

In season 1 we had phenomenal actors like Adrain Grenier playing Nick, the father of the victim, Betty Gabriel as Sophie, Nick’s wife, Jaylin Fletcher as Kai, the victim himself, and Cameron Engels aka Ethan, Nick and Sophies’s other son. Other actors include Zoe Kazan as Pia, Nick’s sister, Elizabeth Alexander as Andrea, the mother of Pia and Nick, Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amir, and Becca Lish as Dawn Gleed!

If a 2nd season is made we might get to see newer characters, with newer stories, although the previous actors are likely to return as well!

Clickbait: Plot

If we are presented with a season 2, we might be welcomes with more such crimes conducted by psychopaths and killers through the Internet. There could also be a reference to Dark Web and the dangerous things which happen there. Moreover, we might get involved in stories of new tragic victims as well.

A lethal app called Geonicking and the threats it possesses can also be shown in the 2nd edition. Also, brand new ideas, concepts, and sinister plots might be portrayed, that reveals the evil side of every man and the horrendous crimes which can sprout in their brains! If there’s a season 2 it will surely be a scary watch!

Clickbait: Storyline

Let’s get in the story of the 1st season, shall we? In the 1st season, we see Dawn Gleed and Ed her spouse, kidnap Kai whom Dawn worked with. Kai’s dad Nick and Pia, her aunt go helter-skelter in search of Kai and the police also leave no stones unturned in tracing the kid. When Nick confronts Dawn os identity theft, Ed continued hitting Nick repeatedly until dead!

But, luckily Kai succeeds in fleeing from his captors but is soon hunted by Ed with a gun! Fortunately, the police show up exactly at that time and save Kai from the monstrous Ed, but not without an intense scuffle between Ed and the policemen which results in the latter getting shot! If you are interested, then watch this nail-biting trailer of Clickbait!


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