Watch out for “See Season 2”! From Release Date, Cast, Plot,here’s all what we can expect!


The grueling wait seems to be over much to the relief of viewers! See, the Jason Momoa starter series is all geared up to return to your screens with a bang! This post-apocalyptic and dystopian plot of See resonated well with the audiences who have been craving for a season 2!

Although the critics begged to differ giving the show 43% ratings, owing to the super fan-base, See will come back for season 2, and what’s more, the producers have even given a nod for a season 3 renewal! Now that’s what we call the cherry on top of the cake! Read below to find out more!

See: Release Date

See what prepared for an early release for the 2nd season but got disrupted due to the killer Covid-19. As a result, the production process was pushed back tremendously! But as the situation got a little stable the production of See started once again and the filming ended on the 18th of March, 2021.

And after such a long wait, See will be premiering for season 2 on 27th August 2021 on Apple Tv+. Book your date already!

See: Cast

See, has a set of some phenomenal actors! From our aggressive and handsome Jason Momoa playing Baba Voss, Archie Madekwe and Nesta Cooper as Kofun and Haniwa respectively, the on-screen kids of Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane, Hera Hilmar as Maghra, and Alfre Woodard as Paris, the cast of See is simply mind-blowing!

All of these wonderful actors are returning for season 2 as well along with a few new ones. Word has it that Dave Bautista, known for his role in ” Guardians of the Galaxy ” will debut in See as well the famous Adrian Paul who will be made King Harlan in an unnamed kingdom.

See: Plot

For the upcoming season 2, we will finally find out whether or not Momoa, aka Baba Voss, has succeeded in tracing her adopted daughter Haniwa and what dangers he faces in the journey. Be prepared for some mind-boggling action in the cold! And of course, our favorite Jason Momoa giving the enemy a tough fight!

Season 2 can also focus on the much evident war that can begin anytime owing to the oppression of the queens. So there will be a lot of murders, bloody fights, tears, and heartbreak, making season 2 a perfect watch that will take away your sleep! This is all that we know as of now, but we are guaranteed that there’s more to book forward in season 2!

See: Storyline

See narrates the story of a world ravaged by a lethal virus, that has been snatching away the power of vision of the handful of humans left. What’s more intriguing is the fact that See has even dared to cast members who do have an eyesight problem in real life!

In season 1 we see, Kofun and Haniwa who are born without the disability and hence are coveted as well as feared by others. Thus Baba Boss decides to protect these two kids under any circumstances. But, the Jelamarel who is the actual father of the kids succeeds in drifting them apart even after Baba Voss managed to blind him. Thus, Baba Voss is determined to rescue Haniwa with the aid of Kofun.

Meanwhile, in season 1 we also see Queens Maghra and Kane take over a kingdom, destabilizing it even more and a battle lurking in the corner. Watch this gripping trailer of season 1!


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