Confused at “Candyman” 2021 Ending? Check out the ending explained in detail!


The horror film Candyman has received raging views because of its extremely intelligent plot and the way it focuses on the racial discrimination between Blacks and Whites. With stellar performances, Candyman has won the hearts of many.

But the highly intriguing film has left the audiences confused owing to its strange ending. If you too are wondering what that chaotic ending was, then we are here to clear all your doubts!

Candyman: The Cast

With a gang of brilliant cast members, Candyman is worth a watch for the plot as well as the stellar performances of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II aka Anthony McCoy, Colman Domingo as William Burke, Tony Todd as Daniel Robitaille, Cassie Kramer as Helen Lyle, and Nathan Stewart-Jarret as Troy Cartwright. These actors have done a phenomenal job indeed!

Candyman: Ending Explained

In the film, we see that Anthony McCoy aka Yahya Abdul-Mateen II being irrevocably drawn towards the chilling legend of Candyman. Burke through his manipulation manages to bring this terrifying legend into the real world with the help of Anthony.

Slowly, Burke changes Anthony, first by making a mere bee bite Anthony’s arm, causing it to swell profusely and ultimately we find to our shock that when Burke slashes off Anthony’s swollen arm and places a pointy hook instead, Anthony is disconnected from reality!

This cruel act shows the evil character of Bruke who lures Anthony into his trap making the latter reincarnate as Candyman to keep the horrible Candyman legend breathing!

Realizing William’s plan of killing Anthony, Brianna, Anthony’s girlfriend puts up a fight with William and even manages to murder him. But in the fight, Anthony is also injured, barely able to move which causes the police to arrive at the place and guns Anthony down, thinking he’s the main culprit. Saddened by this act, Brianna call upon Candyman for help who then possesses Anthony.

Towards the end, we witness, Anthony who came back to life owing to supernatural forces initiated by Candyman and killing the police officers mercilessly as he constantly shifts between Black people who have suffered oppression from the Whites until Anthony’s girlfriend Brianna sees Anthony turn into the 1st ever man who brought alive the dangerous Candyman, aka Daniel Robitaille.

Thus, the ending of Candyman is extremely bittersweet with Candyman still reigning on Earth and listening to anyone who calls upon him. No weapon on Earth can kill him! Killing the officers, Anthony is finally dead, used as a sacrifice to bring the Original Candyman back!

But Anthony’s girlfriend Brianna manages to escape, prioritizing her freedom than telling the whole world that the legend Candyman has emerged yet again. She fights with her guilt that she was the reason why Candyman had come back to destroy the world.

But she is determined to call forth an otherworldly Punisher who can eradicate the Candyman and save the people! In the final closing seconds, we see the world getting ravaged by the supernatural killer, the fate of the people unknown.

Here’s the gripping scary trailer of Candyman!


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