Wednesday, Netflix’s “Addams Family” discloses TEN Exclusive Cast Members! Read to know Release Date, Cast Members, and much more!


Those who have enjoyed Addams Family will surely fall in love with legendary director Tim Burton’s newest venture! Titled Wednesday which focuses on the super-smart daughter of the Addams family this new series is going to be a rollercoaster ride for sure!

This Gothic show has now announced the names of 10 characters who will be featuring in the series, Wednesday! Read below to know who they are!

Wednesday: Release Date

Since the production of Wednesday has not yet begun we do not know when do the director and the producers plan to air this show. Although the word has it that there will be 8 episodes in the 1st season.

That being said, owing to the great popularity of the Addams Family and the demands of the audience, Wednesday can likely release the following year, that is 2022. Cheers!

Wednesday: The Cast

The primary role of Wednesday Adams will be given to the talented Jenna Ortega while Catherine Zeta-Jones will play Morticia, Wednesday’s mother and Luis Guzman will play Gomez, Wednesday’s father. And as far as the 10 other cast members, they are as follows!

Thoda Birch: This ” The Walking Dead ” actress will play the role of the dorm mistress aka Tamara Novak at Nevermore Academy having a passion for Botanics.

Jamie McShane: Jamie will play the role of a sceptical Sherriff of the town aka Donovan Galpin who suspects some activities at Nevermore Academy and even plots a secret vendetta against Wednesday’s Dad, Gomez.

Riki Lindhome: Riki Lindhome aka Dr. Valerie Kinbott will take the role of a therapist of Wednesday whom she finds quite interesting.

Hunter Doohan: The part of a local townsman, Tyler Gaplin will be played by the fantastic Hunter Doohan. He will be shown to strike a unique bond with loner Wednesday.

Moosa Mostafa: Nevermore Academy’s brightest student, Eugene Otinger will be played by none other than the brilliant Moosa Mostafa! He’s an eccentric person!

Georgie Farmer: Spoiler: Georgie Farmer’s Ajax Petropolus is a gorgon who’s afraid to meet people’s eyes, being socially awkward

Emma Myers: Another paranormal character in the show is that of Emma Meyer’s. Her on-screen name is Enid Sinclair and she belongs to the werewolf clan. But Enid is also a great roommate to Wednesday!

Joy Sunday: She is popular at the Academy and she is also a siren! Bianca Barclay aka Joy Sunday also possesses supernatural powers of persuasion!

Naomi J. Ogawa: Another supernatural kid at the Nevermore Academy is Yoko Tanaka, played by Naomi J. Ogawa who is an ancient, Gothic vampire!

Percy Hynes White: Lastly we have Percy’s Xavier Thorpe who is one of the wealthy kids at Nevermore being the daughter of a father having psychic abilities. She also possesses supernatural qualities and has a charm of her own!

Wednesday: Synopsis

Following the roots of the Addams Family, Wednesday will focus on the story and life of Wednesday Addams, a Goth kid who is weird at first glance but soon we discover her hidden talents. We will see her adjust according to the requirements of Nevermore.

Wednesday will also be learning her psychic training profusely and go on a mission to destroy a vile supernatural being causing ravage and unearth a mystery surrounding her parents, 25 years ago! We can’t wait to see what happens!


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