“Young And Hungry Season 6” Coming or Not? Release Date, Cast, Plot, all your questions answered!


There is a lot of speculation going on regarding the family and lively sitcom, Young and Hungry which was enjoyed by a lot of audiences throughout its 5 seasons! It first premiered on freeform in the year 2014 and continued with pride for 4 long years till season 5.

Now, the million-dollar question is after a three-year-long gap, will Young and Hungry return for a season 6? If you too are eager to find out the answer then have a read below as we have you all covered!

Young And Hungry: Release Date

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it was pre-decided in the year 2018 that Young And Hungry won’t be coming back for the 6th season because there was a gap of nearly 1 year between volume 1 and volume 2 of season 5. But, Emily Osment the protagonist of the series seemed confident that the way things ended in the season finale, a 6th edition was due to arrive. Sadly, she was mistaken.

To manage the angry fans, Freeform decided to produce a movie titled the same with the same actors that will follow the unfinished plot which ended in season 5. But unfortunately, due to some undeciphered reasons the movie too also called off.  If there was indeed a movie we would have witnessed the wedding of Josh and his girlfriend Gabi. It still makes us sad.

Seems that bad luck never left the Young and Hungry show! The agitated fans asked for a plea to Netflix to take over the show’s 6th season since Netflix generally renews many series. But, Netflix shook its head in disagreement, and as sad it is, we won’t get to see the 6th season of Young and Hungry. Sorry fans, you have to deal with the loss. Guess, some things are always incomplete!

Young and Hungry: Cast

Young and Hungry had plenty of wonderful characters who made the show binge-worthy. For the primary role of Gabi Diamond and Josh Kaminski, the characters were given to the talented Emily Osment and Jonathan Sadowski respectively!

Other phenomenal actors of the show include Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez, Rex Lee as Elliot Park, Kym Whitley as Yolanda, Ashley Tisdale as Logan Rawlings, Jesse McCartney aka the charismatic Cooper, Bryan Safi as Alan, and Mallory Jansen aka Caroline Hunting to name a few! Rarely do we see such funny characters on-screen? Kudos to them!

Young And Hungry: Storyline

For those who have not watched this comedy/drama, here’s the quick synopsis and recap of the show. Taking inspiration from the real-life food blogger named Gabi Moskowitz, Young and Hungry tells the tale of the career-driven life of Gabi played by the sweet Emily who is an avid foodie. As a twist of fate, she is hired as a chef for Josh Kaminski who is a reputed entrepreneur turned millionaire. The series then highlights the life of Gabi as a chef to Josh, her trials, tribulations, and achievements on the way towards success.

Focusing on a plethora of different cuisines that can make your mouth water and your hearts flutter too seeing the complicated relationship both Josh and his now-girlfriend and then-chief Gabi faces as the employees give them the eye of having a boss-assistant relation. The protagonists deal with their professional as well as personal life quite maturely. Although there are cute situations and a whole lot of awkwardness especially after Gabi encounter a one-night stand with his boss, aka Josh. Watch the official trailer!


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