“The Great” coming for Season 2? From Release Date, Cast, Plot, and here is all you need to know!


Can’t wait to catch the intense Russian series, The Great? Then the good news is right on the corner! Following the theme of an 18th-century era and depicting the lives of the kingdom of Queen Catherine, The Great has already managed to royally enter the heart of the audiences.

Streaming in Hulu, The Great had received raging views worldwide owing to its on-point dramedy aka drama and comedy. And now fans are wondering whether they will witness the 2nd season of this interesting show! Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The Great: Release Date

Time to celebrate fans, as Hulu has decided to renew your favorite show in just a few months! The highly anticipated 2nd season of The Great is all ready to premiere on 19th November 2021! It has been revealed that the production process started on 4th November 2020 and was complete on 17th July 2021!

Thus, there are hardly 2 months for the royal revival of The Great! Since the ending of season 1 in 2020, fans have been asking for updates about the 2nd season. We hope that upon learning the release date, they are wholly content and fully excited!

The Great: Cast

The whole cast of The Great is so fantastic that you would be at a loss of words seeing their performances! Taking the throne of Russia will be Elle Fanning as Queen Catherine while the role of her husband will be undertaken by Nicholas Hoult as King Peter III.

Apart from these two talented actors, we also have Phoebe Fox aka Marial, Charity Wakefield aka Georgiba Dymova, Sacha Dhawan as Count Orlo, Adam Godley as the Archbishop of Russia, and Douglas Hodge as General Velementov to name a few. All of them make The Great superbly binge-worthy!

The Great: Plot

In the 2nd edition of The Great, we will witness Catherine slowly becoming the Queen of Russia which she coveted for so long. We will finally get to see how she uses her power as the Queen. Peter will assassinate Leo for getting involved with his wife and perhaps Catherine might avenge her lover too!

Another focal point of season 2 will be Catherine as a mother to her firstborn and how she deals with reigning her kingdom and raising her royal child! We might even see Leo come back as a ghost to haunt Catherine for betraying him!

The Great: Storyline

Loosely following the tracks of Catherine, the Queen of Russia by the final few moments of the 1st season we see Catherine confesses her feelings towards Leo, with whom she was having an affair but she also mentions with a determination that her heart’s true desire is to reign as Queen of Russia. She even arranges an evil plan to overthrow Peter, her husband by killing him!

But Catherine is disarmed by Peter making Catherine’s plan a failure as Mariol discloses Catherine’s coup to him beforehand. Peter also learns that her wife is pregnant and although infuriated with Catherine at first, Catherine earns sympathy from Peter by making her pregnancy an emotional affair!

Emotionally manipulated by Catherine, Peter hence locks up Catherine’s lover Leo but Catherine has to choose between her kingdom and her lover. Catherine chooses the former and says her final goodbye to Leo! Here’s the trailer for season 2!


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