Anime fans, your wait is almost over! “Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean” is all set to arrive, here’s what we know!


Since the intense ending of the 5th season fans has been going gaga over the release of the 6th season of none other than their favorite manga adaptation Jojo Stone Ocean, part 6! The manga series written by novelist Hirohiko Araki has been adapted to a series and has received a wonderful response ever since.

So, is the fabulous adventure show coming for a season 6 or not? We know that you’re failing to keep calm, hence we won’t keep you waiting any further. Anime fans, all you have to do is read below to find out what’s popping!

Jojo Part 6: Release Date

Are you ready for it? Then here’s what we know! Jojo part 6 is all set to air on the online streaming platform Netflix in just 4 months! Yes, you have calculated correctly. December 2021 is the date when we get to see the first episode of season 6!

Although Netflix is yet to announce the official date of release, it has relieved a lot of fans by confirming that season 6 is on the way, ready to be telecast this very December. Guess what, our Christmas is going o be even merrier!

Jojo Part 6: Cast

For the cast, or voiceover artists in Jojo’s Adventures part 6 we have our supremely talented Ai Fairouz as the lead character of Jojo or Jolyne Cujoh. The part of Ermes Costello will be read by Mutsumi Tamura, FF will be portrayed in the voice of Mariya Ise, the role of Emporio Alnino will be taken over by Atsumi Tanezaki, and the character Weather Forcast will be voiced by Yuuichirou Umehara.

Other voiceover members include Daisuke Namikawa and Daisuke Ono aka Narciso Anastasia and Jotaro Kujo respectively!

Jojo Part 6: Storyline And Plot

Avid watchers of Jojo know that in part 6 will find our shero Jojo falsely accused of murder and hence imprisoned in a highly secured jail named Green Dolphin Street Jail. Jojo or Loyne is Jotaro Kujo’s daughter who once was a Crusader of the Stardust. The heavily guarded prison is situated upon an isolated island so ut will be tougher for Jojo to escape.

Moreover, one of the villains of the show manipulates the guards and as a result, it is decided that Jojo will serve a longer time in prison which she sadly accepts, having no other alternative. But just when she has lost all hope, accidentally one of her fingers gets pricked on an enchanting bow which was owned by Dio once upon a time.

As soon as this incident occurs, Jojo’s powers are once again awakened and she lets out her alter ego Stone Free, a greenish-blue colored robot resembling her, and with the help of these powers manages to escape the prison. With high speed and an elastic and flexible body, Jojo winds past the grills of her prison and leaves the place.

But expect some mind-blowing battles and extreme punches as Jojo makes her way out of the jail and learns that Dio was murdered by her father Jotaro. Thus, everyone wants to avenge Dio and the arrest of Jojo was a mere part of a larger evil plan! Thus, Jojo must make allies with random yet trustworthy strangers and prove to everyone that she means good by erasing the people who are vile and evil! Catch the trailer of part 6!


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