Anime Lovebirds “Kaguya-Sama” Coming to Steal our Hearts again! Season 3 Premiere, Cast, and Plot is here for you all!


Anime delving into romances is a new genre, accepted by viewers as they are finding them absolutely adorable! Ranking amongst the top 10 Japanese shows which is the romantic comedy anime, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War has managed to steal our hearts!

So, fans can’t seem to keep their cool distressed of whether they will get to see the 3rd part of their favorite romantic series that mainly deals with the budding romance between the two protagonists. Here’s revealing everything we are aware of!

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: Release Date

Although the television channel Funimation had already confirmed that the 3rd season will shortly air on screens in the previous month that is 2020, more specifically on 25th October, unfortunately, there have been no further updates ever since.

But, don’t let the happiness drain away from your face folks as chances are likely that owing to the tremendous surge of Covid-19, the production process is delayed. But, the surmounting popularity makes it evident that a 3rd season is bound to arrive either somewhere during the winters this year or within a few days after New Year. Our fingers are crossed!

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: Cast

Season 3 might bring past actors of the precursory seasons. So, Aaron Dismuke will put on his shoes again in the role of female heartthrob, Miyuki while Alexis Dismuke will lend her voice to Miyuki’s dreamgirl Kaguya. The co-worker of Kaguya named Chika might be read by Jad Saxton and Austin Tindle will take the role of Yu, an emo guy.

Other talented actors include Amanda Lee and Bryn Apprill aka AmaLee and Nagisa respectively. Brandon Mclnnis and Ian Sinclair are going to return to their seat becoming the narrators of the English version of the entire show.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: Plot

In the 3rd installment, there are high chances for the anime lovers to witness both Miyuki and his secret lover Kaguya finally understand that they both inherit intense feelings for one another, forging a deeper and more meaningful bond. Guess what, Kaguya might even profess how much she loves and adores Miyuki despite the latter’s flaws.

But, just like every love story, expect to see a lot of drama, crying, heartbreak, anger, and extreme moments of passion when the show boosts for a 3rd season. It will make the viewers laugh, and cry, with their hearts fluttering every time they watch the episodes. Save your dates already!

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War: Storyline

As you all might have guessed, the storyline deals with the complex relationship between the two protagonists aka Kaguya Shinomiya, and the person she loves and also finds irritating aka the handsome Miyuki Shirogane. Both of them go through a tumultuous relationship and a rollercoaster of emotions during the span of the entire 2 seasons.

In the finale episode, we get to see Miyuki leaving no stones unturned into making Kaguya profess her truest feelings for him as he is unable to catch the subtle hints that Kaguya provides. Miyuki wants to be direct. With a lot of lovey-dovey moments and cheesy romantic gestures, Kaguya-Sama is truly a perfect romantic watch with your beloved! Catch the season 2 trailer here.


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