Zoe is the key to Masha’s Mysteries? Here’s all you need to know about the 6th episode of Nine Perfect Strangers Starring Nicole Kidman!


Masha and her mysteries surrounding her have kept us glued since the 1st episode and now even before the premiere of the 6th episode fans are unable to keep their cool wondering what can happen in the next part of Nine Perfect Strangers!

If you too consider yourself to be one of the fans of the highly intense drama/horror show, then you have come to the right place. We are here to share with you all the inputs we got about the coming 6th season. Read to know what’s brewing!

Nine Perfect Strangers 6: Release Date

Book your dates fam, as the 6th edition of this strange and eerie show, is coming to blow your mind away on 8th September 2021 exactly at noon! We are also aware that this limited series streaming on the online streaming platform Hulu as well as Amazon Prime, will consist of 8 episodes altogether, each having a duration of about 1 hour. Are you excited yet?

Nine Perfect Strangers 6: Cast

Having an ensemble cast that keeps the audience hooked, we have our stunning actress Nicole Kidman as the mysterious spiritual leader Masha, ” Babysitter” actress Samara Weaving aka Jessica, Melissa McCarthy aka Francis, Grace Van Patten who is to play Zoe, Luke Evans aka Lars, and Asher Keddle aka Heather.

Other actors include Manny Jacinto aka Yao, Bobby Cannavale aka Tony, Michael Shannon aka Napoleon, Regina Hall aka Camel, and Tiffany Boone aka Delilah.

Nine Perfect Strangers 6: Plot

Titled as ” Motherlode ” in the upcoming episode revelations are going to be made about what exactly Zoe holds a key for. Zoe, now becoming an adult will have to take drugs as prescribed by Masha but we still don’t know what these drugs do. Masha and her guest turned lover Delilah’s complex relationship will also take a notch higher after their kiss.

Par 6 might also depict the love story between Tony and Frances, but the former might try to attempt suicide, not being able to take the horrific dreams anymore if Frances fails to save him. And to say the least there will still be an aura of mystery around Masha and what she is really up to. The threatening calls on her phone pile up our curiosity even more. To say the least, the unraveling of mysteries continues in part 6 too!

Nine Perfect Strangers: Storyline

At the beginning of episode 5, we are slowly revealed the dark past and deep traumas the guests of the lavish resort run by Masha known as Tranquillum House possess. A different spiritual world also hosts possibility as per the way the story goes forward.


In the 5th episode, we also get to see Zoe hallucinating on the day she turned 21, that her twin who is already dead trying to communicate with her. Doubting Masha’s way of treatment all the guests agree that the nightmares and recurring dreadful dreams they are experiencing are due to the high dosage of hallucinogens given to them by Masha herself.

We are also shown the heated argument between Masha and one of her guests Delilah where the latter urges Masha to quit being intimate with another guest named Yao. In this quarrel, Delilah ends up making out with Masha but it is kept a secret. On Zoe’s birthday, we also see to our horror that Masha silently watches Zoe in the corner, hallucinating sand creeping up to the little girl whispers, ” You are the key ” Watch the trailer here!


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