Benji learns that his love Mary is an agent! Here’s what to expect for Season 2 of your favorite show Q-force!


It’s on rare occasions do we find a show that provides both entertainment and talks about relevant issues of the society simultaneously. Well, guess what, Netflix’s Q-force, an animated series has been able to achieve this goal and how!

Since the release of the 1st ever episode with the LGBTQ community in focus, Q-force has managed to steal the hearts of many people all over the world. Now, they eagerly want to know the status of the 2nd season. So, here we bring you all that you must know!

Q-force Season 2: Release Date

Fans are well aware that the 1st season appeared on Netflix just a few days ago, precisely on 2nd September this year having 10 episodes with a duration of half an hour. So, is there a season 2 revival? Here’s what we know so far!

Netflix hasn’t confirmed or denied anything about the revival of the anticipated 2nd season. But seeing the intense popularity of the series as well as being an adult animation featuring LGBTQ, it’s quite evident that Q-force is soon to return on screens, perhaps in 2023! We are already excited.

Q-force: Cast

All the voiceover artists have done a wonderful job. We have the talented Sean Hayes lending his striking tone to the character Steve Maryweather, Wanda Sykes taking the role of Deb, Patti Harrison voicing the agent Stat, and Gabe Liedman reading the script of Benji.

Other artists include David Harbour aka Rick Buck, Matt Rogers aka Twink, Gary Cole aka Dirk Chunley, the Director, and the swift V played by Laurie Metcalf.

Q-force: Plot

When the 2nd season hits the screen we might get to see the rise of another villain, harbouring a diabolical plot to destroy the whole world, and establishing their hold in the country. But, we know that our saviours are here to not let that happen, especially the protagonist Mary! We do not even see Mira return plotting vengeance against the Q members.

The AIA can also be the target of discussion now that Mary and the others know that the organization is dealing with nefarious and illegal stuff like the project of Greyscale. In matters of romance, Benji might finally learn that his sweetheart, aka Mary is a secret agent! We can’t wait for Benji response!

Q-force: Storyline

Let’s have a recap of the show, shall we? Q-force deals with a team of LGBTQ secret agents, all extremely intelligent working for the secret organization named AIA.

In the final episodes of the series, we find that the Q members invade Gyenorvya where they come across the revelation that Mira Popadopolous the princess of that country is secretly using the information hidden away at AIA to make Gyenorvya the most powerful country in the entire world.

Realising that Mira is not an ally of the Q team, the members team up with others and after a heavy scuffle successfully manage to stop the wedding between the princess and Buck. But although emerging victorious, the people of the Q refuse to work for AIA as the latter was just using them as puppets. Agent Mary and his beloved partner named Benji patch up, while Buck finally decides to go for a divorce with his partner Twink. Catch the trailer here!


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