Segev to find out who killed his wife Daniella in Hit and Run Season 2? Here’s all the details of your favorite action show on Netflix!


Blending the styles of American and Israel is the superb action show Hit and Run which has received raging reviews from viewers and critics alive. With a nail-biting plot, on-the-edge power-packed action sequences, and amazing acting from the actors, Hit and Run has successfully made people glue their eyes on the screen!

Now fans haven’t stopped clamouring regarding whether the show is making a comeback for a 2nd season. But, we have you all covered. Here’s all that you must know. Read below!

Hit And Run 2: Release Date

While it’s upsetting that Netflix has not yet announced the date of when it’s planning to release the highly anticipated 2nd season, the way things ended in suspense in the 1st part shows clear signs that Hit and Run is bound to make a banging appearance very soon.

Rumours are that production is soon to begin, and we might get to see this powerfully action/adventure show in the year 2023. It is truly an antagonizing wait, but guess what, all good things take time!

Hit And Run 2: Cast

Those who have watched the 1st season are aware that many of the characters succumbed to the hit and run case. But for the 2nd edition, we will see the return of lead actor Lior Raz aka the fearless Segev Azulai, fighting off his sworn enemy Mossad.

Other phenomenal actors include Sanaa Lathan aka the beautiful Naomi Hicks, Kaelen Ohm aka the handsome Danielle Wexler who would partake in a short yet important scene, Moran Rosenblatt in the shoes of Tali Shapira, Gregg Henry aka Martin Wexler, Lior Ashkenazi aka Assaf Talmor, and Neta Orbach gearing up for the role of Ella!

Hit And Run 2: Plot

Although not much is known about the 2nd part, rumours are that this season will deal with the mysteries surrounding the kidnapping of Ella, which might ultimately lead to the murder of Daniella, Segev’s late wife. Daniella’s past might also get highlighted in the process.

We might also get introduced to the secrets between Mossad as well the other organization named CIA. To be precise, season 2 may hold the clue of some of our burning questions but guess what, not without adding more questions and hiking our curiosity as well!

Hit And Run: Storyline

As you all might have guessed, Hit and Run narrates the story of Segev a man from Israel who is deeply saddened by the death of Danielle, his wife in a mysterious case of hit and run, decides to uncover the truth and reason of such an occurrence.

With plenty of twists and turns, shocking revelations, and disturbing scuffles, in the final moments of the show, we see Segev frantically ransacking all the belongings of Danielle just when Assaf calls in her cell phone which Segev picks. But soon, Assaf apologizes that he dialled the incorrect number. Segev doubts and asks Tali to help him which she agrees. Watch the trailer here!

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