Can the God Eaters destroy the Aragami in the 2nd Season? Here’s what we know about Netflix’s God Eater!


Netflix turning video games into compelling animated shows have been heard for a long time as television studios have left no stones unturned into making these games a virtual treat! One such amazing virtual reality game has been made into a successful show termed God Eater.

Upon the date of the premiere of the 1st, ever season of this game-turned-series fans haven’t been able to keep their mouths shut! With the 1st season receiving positive views, action lovers now want to know whether a 2nd season is on the cards or not. Here’s what we know!

God Eater 2: Release Date

Fans are much informed that the raging 1st season appeared on screens in the year 2015 having an intense 13 episodes. Rumour had been spreading that the 2nd season was bound to premiere in the year 2017 but due to the heavy cost of production it was delayed. Later again, it was heard that 2019 would be the year of the airing of the 2nd season, but unfortunately as is evident it didn’t go as planned.

So, we are sorry to inform the excited fans that there has been no news of confirmation or denial regarding the reappearance of the 2nd edition. But don’t let that hope in your hearts shimmer away as word has it that the 2nd instalment might be aired by the winter months of this year or early in the following year. Let’s see what happens!

God Eater 2: Cast

If we get to see a 2nd season be assured to see the return of your favourite voiceover artists like Kyle Hebert and Hiroaki Hirata the older and younger versions of Lindow Amamiya respectively, Crispin Freeman aka Soma Schicksal, Cherami Leigh aka Alisa Illinichina, Wendee Lee aka Aisha Gauche, and Robbie Daymond aka Lenka Utsugi.

Other relevant voice artists include Erika Harlacher aka Hibari Takeda, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn aka Tsubaki Amamiya, and Lucien Dodge aka Kouta Fujiki.

God Eater 2: Plot

Speculation has started regarding the expected plot of the 2nd season already! We might get to see whether the valiant God eaters are successful in driving out the Aragami and establishing peace in the world or if greater dangers are lurking in the corner.

The veil of suspense regarding the anonymous person watching the brave Soma aka a God eater from the corner. What is his motive? Is the suspicious person an enemy or a foe? There are so many questions running in our minds which can only be answered if there is a 2nd edition. Let’s pray together for a renewal!

God Eater: Storyline

Just like the video game having the same name, the show titled God Eater portrays a dystopian world filled with man-devouring beasts infamously termed as Aragami who have been creating havoc by killing humans rendering an almost extinct human race. Thus, arise a group of people in power who are termed as Fenrir or God Eater who create specialized weapons such as God Arcs to kill these demons.

With a lot of action, killing and inter-galactic wars God Eater is truly a gripping watch from beginning to end. We get to see different fighting strategies of the Fenrir who stop at nothing to defeat the rebellious Aragami even at the cost of their lives. As a result, there are also a lot of tragic deaths in the show. Watch the trailer here.

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