Can the Professor help the Heist members get out from the Bank of Spain in Season 5 Volume 2? Here’s all you need to know about Netflix’s Money Heist!


Money heist has taken the world under a heist it seems. Fans have been showering their love to this Spanish show ever since it first got premiered on Netflix. All the characters have done an exceptional job and the dangerous plot is so gripping that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off it.


No sooner than the 1st part of the 5th season aired, fans of this crime/drama/thriller series have been asking when can they see the 2nd part of the same season. Here’s answering all your questions!

Money Heist 5 Volume 2: Release Date

Die-hard fans of this cult show have already binged watched part of the recent 5th episode which premiered recently on 3rd September 2021. And what’s more exciting is that after the tragic and cliff-hanging finale Netflix has announced that the 2nd chapter will premiere on the 3rd of December, 2021.

Similar to the 1st volume, the 2nd one will also consist of 5 action-packed episodes running for 45 minutes. So, the countdown begins from now on! Your Christmas can’t be merrier or should we say explosive?

Money Heist 5 Volume 2: Cast

The ensemble cast of actors that have made Money Heist worth a watch throughout its seasons consist of the smart and witty Professor aka Sergio played by the dashing Alvaro Morte, his heist partners aka Tokyo played by the brilliant Ursula Corbero, Tokyo’s lover Rio aka Miguel Herran, Denver famously known as Jamie Lorente, Berlin aka Sergio’s brother as played by Pedro Alonso, and the braveheart Nairobi exceptionally performed by Alba Flores.

Other actors include Itziar Ituno aka Lisbon, the Professor’s girlfriend, Esther Acebo aka Monica Gaztambez, Darko Peric aka Helsinki, Enrique Arce aka Arturo Roman, and Najwa Nimri aka Alicia Sierra. Most of the cast members are set to return in volume 2 either fully or through flashbacks!

Money Heist 5 Volume 2: Plot

From the looks of it, it seems that the 2nd volume will finalize whether the superb plan of the Professor is going to work out or not and whether he will be able to save his team and friends from the clutches of the army. Expect more gun firing, flamethrowers, grenades, and a whole lot of action in part 2.

We might also get to see how Alicia reacts and whether she has any evil plan under her sleeve, and most importantly how will the heist gang manage to escape the army and police all the while extracting the gold from the bank and gaining their freedom!

Money Heist 5 Volume 1: Storyline

The show deals with a group of outcasts who join the team of the Professor who teaches as well execute professional heists. We see that in the final few moments of the 1st part of the 5th season a group of army personnel as instructed by Officer Tamayo, blow off the roof of the Royal Bank of Spain and engage in a dirty and bloody battle with the robbers which proves to be fatal for many of the members of the heist.

While the Professor manages to escape the grips of detective Alicia, whom he helps in delivering a baby girl, at the Royal Mint, we see the plan falling apart as everything is in chaos, and smoke, Arturo getting shot by Monica, and Tokyo dying taking brutal bullet shots while trying to save the other members sending the fans into a tear-jerking moment of agony exactly like when Nairobi dies. Here’s the nail-biting trailer of season 5!

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