Are the so-in-love contestants of “Married At First Sight” still in love? Here’s what your favorite cast has been doing!


Dating reality shows have a charm of their own and so does the popular Married at First Sight. This show based in the country of the UK has received quite an applause for its contestants as well as the steamy and sexy dates these players went on making the singles envious!

Soon after the show aired avid watchers had already started rooting for the strangers who got into relationships and marred later on. But, are you curious about what they might be doing now? If so, read below to find out the current status of the contestants!

Married At First Sight: Cast

This incredible show had a fair share of contestants who made it worth a watch. There were four couples whose lives from meeting someone new to marrying them were shown on-screen. The first couple was Lucie and Steven Griffiths, the former in her late twenties working as a marketer, and the latter in his thirties who was a writer by profession.

The 2nd couple was Sara and Adam, a personal caregiver in her thirties and a trainee aged 32 years respectively. Thirdly was the adorable pair of Caroline and Adam, Caroline, 28, being a coordinator, and Adam, 34, being a Rail manager. Melissa and Clark Sherwood were the youngest of the lot, the former being 27, working as a nurse and the latter being 26 working as a Development artist.

Married At First Sight: Synopsis

Married at First Sight followed the modern way of marriage through dating where a group of relationship experts and panelists sorted out 4 unique and different contestants to bring them closer so that they could find love and wed to each other.

The couples were brought together through several scientific and medical methods like similar DNA, psychological traits, anthropological characteristics, and a detailed overview of the personality study of each of the contestants. Thus, after the players found their match, the show organizers hosted the legal wedding themselves. Hats off to the contestants who took such risk of marrying a stranger, with the only option out being a legalized divorce!

Married At First Sight: The Cast Now

So, let’s delve deeper into what these couples who married their on-screen beloved are doing now. To begin with Lucie along with her husband ended their conjugation after living as partners for 1 and a half months. But, they still claim to be good friends. The head-over-heels couple, Adam and his sweetheart Sara had a rocky relationship from the start when the former lost control of his senses being excessively drunk which triggered Sara on the honeymoon. But later both agreed on divorce after living together for about a year.

As for Caroline and her sweet lover Adam, both started quite well, being the epitome of true love for many viewers, but this rosy phase ended in just about 5 months because they failed to connect anymore, canceling their wedding. But good for Caroline, she found her soulmate soon after splitting with Adam. Clarke and his stunning girlfriend Melissa also had their wedding in the year 2016 afterward which they opted for a honeymoon. But, soon after Clarke wanted a divorce due to undeciphered reasons and they too broke apart. Here’s the official trailer!

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