Will Emily’s poems make an impact on the orthodox people or is she going to lose? Read what might happen in Season 3 of Dickinson!


There’s a certain charm in comedy-dramas isn’t it? It takes you away from the real world. Dickinson is such a show which has been loved, adored, and been a source of inspiration for viewers, wanting to follow their passion, especially the overlooked yet talented introverts.

This Apple Tv+ production has even managed to receive a positive nod for both the 2 respective seasons, from the critics as well as the Rotten Tomatoes. So, why are viewers so in love with Dickinson? And is the 3rd season hit our screens soon? Read below to find out!

Dickinson 3rd Season: Release Date

While the superb 1st season hit our screens on 1st November 2019, the 2nd one appeared on 8th January 2021, having almost a year gap! Each of the seasons consisted of lovely 10 episodes. And the good news you have been waiting for is here!

The 3rd season, full of surprises, is finally going to air this year on 5th November. Do you know what that means? The antagonizing wait is almost over. The 3rd season will also host 10 episodes for you to enjoy.

Dickinson 3rd Season: Cast

The primary role of the sweet and innocent Emily Dickinson is played by the gorgeous actress Hailee Steinfeld. Other phenomenal cast members include Ella Hunt aka the pretty Susan Gilbert, the handsome Adrian Blake Enscoe aka Emily’s on-screen brother known as Austin Dickinson, Anna Baryshnikov aka Lavinia Dickinson, Jane Krakowski aka Emily Norcross, and Toby Huss aka Edward Dickinson.

Other actors include Gus Birney aka Jane Humphrey, Matt Lauria aka Ben Newton, and Samuel Farnsworth aka George Gould. Almost all of them are set to return for the 3rd season!

Dickinson 3: Plot

In the 3rd season, we might have more insights into the lives of Sue in her ostentatious household, Edward in Amherst after quitting politics, and how well Austin survives in the new business started by his father.

As for our protagonist Dickinson, it will be revealed whether she has been able to overcome her writer’s block, and how she fares as a famous poet in the world amidst the ravaging American Civil War. Expect to witness some nasty quarrels between Emily and her orthodox family but even in the turmoil, she believes that poetry will liberate people and bring them together by making the differences disappear. We hope for a peaceful future alongside Emily!

Dickinson: Storyline

Dickinson narrates the ordinarily extraordinary story of a small-town girl Dickinson an aspiring poet or writer constantly facing criticism from everyone but never putting a stop to her dreams. The disapproval makes her desire to become a writer even stronger. Her write-ups on nature, love, passion, and even death are kept in her secret closet as they are disregarded as trash by the cruel anti-feminist society as well as her father.

In the final episodes of Dickinson, we get to see Emily gather her courage and publish the long written poem in the paper termed Springfield Republican although Emily and the editor of the paper are not on good terms. But, upon achieving fame, Emily fights with the dreadful writer’s block and questions her worth, thinking about the concept of death! Watch the trailer of 2nd season here!

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