Cars 4 to have more races? Here’s what we know about the premiere of your favorite racing franchise!


Disney has successfully taken the world in its grasp soon after releasing the competitive Cars sequels. Not only the film, but Cars movie lovers have also been buying exclusive merchandise ever since the 1st part got released. From comics to mugs, T-shirts, toys, and whatnot.

Now fans are growing impatient waiting for the date of the premiere of the 4th part of this cult classic of Pixar. But, are we getting a sequel this time? Read below to find out!

Cars 4: Release Date

Although the 1st and 2nd prequel of the film was critically acclaimed by both critics and viewers, the 3rd part didn’t receive quite a well response from either of the two parties, hanging at the end of the Rotten Tomatoes review.

Moreover, with Pixar intending to release standalone movies like ” Soul ” and canceling on sequels for a long time now, it can be that part 4 of this animated show on cars might be delayed a little longer. But, don’t let your hopes die out as sources reveal that we might hear good news aka the airing date by the year 2023!

Cars 4: Cast

If we get to see Cars rushing on theatres or OTT platforms, be ready to welcome the fabulous cast who will return with a whoosh! For the primary character of our favorite Lightning McQueen, we will be having the brilliant Owen Wilson!

Other voiceover artists consist of Cristela Alonzo aka the suave Cruz Ramirez, Nathan Fillion aka Sterling, Chris Cooper wearing the gears of Smokey, Larry aka Mater, Ray Maagliozzi aka Dusty Rust-eze, Armie Hammer aka Jackson Storm, and Tony Shalhoub aka Luigi to name a few. Various new characters might also be introduced!

Cars 4: Plot

In the expected sequel, we might see how Cruz continues to practice racing and whether there are any new races around the corner. McQueen might also be gearing up for a fresh new race with stronger and more evil competitors.

Filled with adrenaline-fuelled races, vile cars trying to win the race slyly, the undying bond between the ravishing McQueen and his friends, along with the moral of every ending of this franchise that as you grow old you might get pushed to the back but with the right company you will come back stronger, we are sure that the 4th edition will surpass our expectations!

Cars 3: Storyline

In the prequel, we get to see that Cruz who has been training McQueen for a long time at last gets the opportunity to partake in the race and show everyone that he is not weak as everyone thinks he is. Seeing and realizing that Cruz is slowly fading away, and losing confidence in himself, Mc Queen decides to give him a chance and lets Cruz take his place in the final race happening in Florida.

By the end, Cruz emerges victorious, defeating his opponent Storm, and joins McQueen’s team which also hosts the quirky Tex Dinoco. McQueen and Cruz are finally on good terms and decide to practice racing forever. Here’s the trailer for the 3rd film!

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