Watch your all-time favorite actors, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds assemble for the action-packed Red Notice! Here’s all the details you want!


When the action film is produced by Netflix and consists of the award-winning, ” The Rock ” aka Dwayne Johnson, make sure to put your seatbelts on, as it is going to be a rough ride. Trust us, if you simply can’t get over movies like ” Extraction “, and ” Close ” then the highly anticipated movie, Red Notice is built for you!

Upon its announcement in the year 2018, action buffs are dying to know the date of air of this multi-starer. Directed by the King of Action movies Rawson Marshall our doubts are almost clear that the movie is going to be an untamed watch. Here’s relieving you from the antagonizing wait and revealing the release date! Read to find out.

Red Notice: Release Date

Red Notice was all set for a release way back in the year 2020, but due to the ravaging Covid-19 during that time, the production process, as well as the airing of the movie, got pushed back much to the disappointment of fans. But now, Netflix has finally decided to disclose the exact date of the premiere.

Are you ready for it? This action/thriller is loaded to hit your favorite online streaming platform, Netflix on 12th November 2021! Dwayne Johnson had even shared an Instagram post where he wrote how humbled he was to see that fans were bubbling with joy about his movie. So, have you book your dates peeps, as you surely don’t want to miss this grand entry!

Red Notice: Cast

Having top-tier artists performing in this film, our expectations have already been surmounted! For the record, we have the fantastic Dwayne Johnson playing the lead role, the stunning Gal Gadot, ready for action, action master, Ryan Reynolds, and The Umbrella Academy fame Ritu Arya as well.

Handsome hunk Chris Diamantopoulos will also make a comeback in this film and you want to know the biggest rumors we hope to be true? Actor and daredevil Tom Cruise are also speculated to be amongst the cast members. Now, we can’t keep calm anymore!

Red Notice: Plot

Netflix as usual haven’t given any sure-shot hints about the movie even in the teaser and we are rendered clueless of what to expect, except that we are going to witness a lot of bursting cars, explosions, adrenaline-infused chases, hit and miss moments, heart-pounding scenes, punches, and kicks, and a whole lot of comedy between the actors that will make our stomachs hurt from laughing!

The synopsis is that Dwayne Johnson along with his gang is all set to arrest and bring down the cleverest thief of the entire world who has a knack for stealing exclusive and expensive works of art. But we are well aware that with so many action gurus in one place, it is surely going to be a blast! And did we mention how stunning Gal Gadot looked in the teaser? Here’s for you to admire this beauty!

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