Get invited to Thor’s party in Episode 5 of What If! Here’s what all to watch out for in the upcoming Marvel franchise!


Marvel fans have been bewildered ever since the premiere of the action-infused What if in this year! With exciting visuals and differently gripping stories What if has managed to win people’s hearts all over the world.

Now, after an intense 4th episode fans can’t wait to find out what happens in the next one. Disney Plus has done wonders in making this show a huge hit that is loosely based on a comic. With endless scopes of what might occur in the 4th season, we present to you all that you need to know!

What If 5: Release Date

For those who haven’t caught hold of the recent episode that is the 5th one, what are you waiting for? It has already aired on 8th September 2021 and has been watched by millions till now! It has been revealed that this version of MCU aka the 1st season will have altogether 9 exclusive episodes.

Do you know what’s more? The production team has also been working on the anticipated 2nd season after the completion of the 1st! So, be ready to experience the cherry on the cake! You will be introduced to 9 episodes premiering after 7 days consistently! Mark the dates folks!

What If: Cast

Having some of the notable voice artists what if leaves no doubt that it is a spectacular watch. For the role of Black Panther we have the enigmatic, late Chadwick Boseman, Peggy Carter has her voice taken over by Hayley Atwell, Tom Hiddleston in the shoes of his favorite character Loki, Dominic Cooper aka Howard Stark, and Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Bames.

Other artists include Chris Hemsworth aka the splendid Thor, Jeffrey Wright lending his voice to Uatu, Karen Gillan voicing Nebula, Michael Rooker aka Yondu, Josh Brolin as the evil Thanos, and Benedict Cumberbatch aka the peculiar Doctor Strange to name a few!

What If 5: Plot

The expected plot of the series might include the Thunder God aka the famous Thor with his hammer! Chris Hemsworth will be returning for this role and the current episode will focus on the adventures of Thor himself.

Loosely titled on ” Party Thor ” we might get to see Thor throwing ravishing parties in his hometown of Asgard but nothing is what it seems you will get to see later on in the 4th edition. Although there’s hardly any information about the upcoming installment, we are certain that it is going to be an enthralling watch!

What If 4: Storyline

With 4 independent stories, the 1st focusing on the adventures of  Captain America and Peggy Carter, the 2nd being T’Challa turning to Star-Lord of the universe, the 3rd on a story where there are no avengers left, and the 4th highlighting the quirks of Doctor Strange, all the plots have been widely appreciated.

In the recent 4th episode we got to see Doctor Strange and his beloved Christine Palmer encounter a car crash where the latter gets killed and Doctor Strange gets his hands brutally injured. But he decides to enter the world of black magic to reverse the death of his sweetheart in time. But although he fails, Doctor Strange manages to wipe out his being from the real world. Watch the trailer for 4th season!

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