Will Otis and Maeve finally get into a relationship in Season 3 of Sex Education? Here’s all that you must know!


The education on the subject you have been waiting for a long time is finally here! Yes, we are talking about the raunchy yet wholly informative Netflix production which is none other than Sex Education. After a shocking finale of the 2nd season, viewers can’t wait to know when is the due date of the 3rd season.

Focusing on vital sex questions that answer almost every doubt of youngsters, Sex Education is all set to come with a bang with more topics to explore! Here are all the details you have been waiting for!

Sex Education 3: Release Date

Netflix has announced when are they going to bring our anticipated show on the screens recently through an Instagram post. Here’s when. The 3rd season is all prepared to answer the most bizarre questions this year on the 17th of September having 8 exclusive episodes to watch out for.

the 3rd edition was supposed to air earlier but due to the massacre of Covid-19, it got pushed back. And after a gruesome wait of more than a year, we are finally going to see our favorite as well as most hated characters on screen. Read below to know who they are!

Sex Education: Cast

Be assured that all the characters are making a return in the 3rd episode. They are the nerdy Asa Butterfield aka the socially awkward Otis Milburn, his on-screen love interest Maeve Wiley played by the Margot Robbie lookalike Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa aka Eric Effiong, the gay best friend of Otis, and Gillian Anderson aka Dr. Jean who portrays the mother of Otis.

Other memorable actors include Connor Swindells aka Adam Groff, Aimee Lou Wood aka Aimee, Maeve’s best friend, Tanya Reynolds aka Lily, Patricia Allison aka Ola, Otis’ ex, Kedar Williams-Stirling aka Jackson, and Alistair Petrie aka headmaster Groff to name a few!

Sex Education 3: Plot

In the 3rd season, we might finally know what happens between Otis and his lady love Maeve as the former’s love confession doesn’t reach Maeve due to Issac. Will Maeve finally hear that Otis loves her and that she feels the same, or are there more twists?

We are also told that in the latest episode we might see how well Jean carries the baby of Ola’s dad, the relationship between Eric and his former bully Adam, while a new headmistress named Hope enters the premises of the high school, Moordale. There’s also to see how Aimee deals with her newfound feminist side and whether Jackson decides to take hir crush on a date or not!

Sex Education 2: Storyline

In the final moments of the 2nd season, we get to see that Otis finally decides to break up with his girlfriend named Ola and musters up his courage to confess his truest feeling to his one true love that is Maeve, whom he has loved since the beginning of the show. But after Otis sends his confession via a voicemail, the evil Issac who is also in love with Maeve deletes it much to the disappointment of fans.

Moreover, Otis also accepts the job of her mother Jean as a sexologist, while Eric and Adam get together after the former ditches Raheem, and Ola realizes that she might harbor feelings for Lily. Much has happened in season 2. 3rd season trailer is here.

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