Serial killers on the rampage again in Mindhunter Season 3? Here’s what all we know about the release of the Netflix crime show!


One of Netflix’s most gruelling psychological thrillers is none other than MindHunter. As you might have guessed from the name, it talks about the mind, the psychology, and gory killings by serial killers. With 2 successful seasons, fans have been dying to when can they get a glimpse of the 3rd part.

There have been rumours and talks from specialized sources for a long time that the 3rd season is in the process but we are unable to find out the exact date of air. If you too are keen on the same topic, then read below to find out what we know about the 3rd part!

Mindhunter 3: Release Date

The producer of this crime show on Netflix named David Fincher is constantly on the news and discussions regarding Mindhunter’s 3rd edition as of the date of premiere. The exclusive 2nd edition of this superb series appeared on the 16th of August this year. So, when can we get to see what happens on the 3rd?

Well, unfortunately as of now Netflix is in no position to decide when the 3rd season is getting a date of release as the process of production is still at a very nascent stage. But, amongst such dicey situations, the good news is that the renewal is evident as confirmed by David Fincher and it might be a wait for just a few months! Let’s be positive.

Mindhunter 3: Cast

For the cast of this Netflix production, we have Jonathan Groff in the shoes of Holden Forb, who is an efficient FBI, Holt McCallany aka Bill Tench, also an FBI, Anna Torv aka Wendy Carr, Joe Turtle aka Gregg Smith, Stacey Roca aka Nancy Tench, Lauren Glazier aka Kay Manz and Michael Cerveris aka Ted Gunn.

Other actors include Cameron Britton in the part of Edmund, Hannah Gross aka Debbie, Cotter Smith in the vital role of Shepard, and Albert Jones aka the intelligent Jim Barney to name a few. We might also get to see the introduction of newer cast members in the 3rd installment!

Mindhunter 3: Plot

In the much-awaited 3rd season too, we will be witnessing brutal murders and kidnapping by dangerously psychopathic serial killers. New killers can be brought in the episodes making it an exciting watch as we learn how their twisted brains work.

Apart from that all the primary cast members, the cops, chiefs, and others will delve deeper into their inner conflicts which might be brought in front of the viewers this time. One such heart-wrenching incident will be of Brian who kept the murder of an innocent child a dark secret that was killing Brian on the inside. We will be seeing how Brian and the others deal with their particular issues in the 3rd portion.

Mindhunter 2: Storyline

Dealing primarily with heinous murders and interrogating them on what urged them to do such brutal killings, the 2nd season raging on Rotten Tomatoes focused on the murders of Atlanta in 1979 throughout 1981 causing the death of 28 innocent civilians, half of them being children.

Based on real-life serial killer Wayne Williams we saw how the FBI after a nerve-wracking chase of cat and mouse put Wayne under custody but the psycho BTK murderer who is known for strangling victims escapes the eyes of the cops. Here’s the trailer for the 2nd season!

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