Will you be able to look up in Netflix’s film Don’t Look Up? Here’s all the mind blowing details of the Leonardo DiCaprio film!


Seems like all the stars are here in this latest Netflix adaptation talking about a disaster bound to happen. Don’t Look Up having a scary title already has managed to hook the audience with its gripping trailer that hosts some of the phenomenal actors of Hollywood!

If you are a lover of survival and savior movies like ” Alien “, ” San Andreas ” and ” The Irishman ” then you wouldn’t want to miss this newest venture. Here are all the details you want to know about this Adam McKay film who has won Oscars several times!

Don’t Look Up: Release Date

Having an awesome cast and crew members, this action/thriller, much to the excitement of viewers is all set to premiere on the big screens this year on the 10th of December! Yes, it’s hardly two months before you can visit your nearest theatres to have an enthralling watch.

For those waiting for a Netflix release on their devices, Don’t Look Up will be available just before Christmas that is on 24th December aka Christmas Eve this very year! Thus, your Christmas will be out of the world this time!

Don’t Look Up: Cast

Name a brilliant cast and they are on board in this anticipated movie! For the lead roles, we have our all-time favorite actor, and Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, and the exotic and phenomenal actress Jennifer Lawrence! It’d going to be a blast with these two.

Other famous actors collaborating in this film are Jonah Hill, Tyler Perry from ” Gone Girl “, the ” Daredevil ” actor Rob Morgan, the sweetest Timothee Chalamet, ” Hellboy ” co-actor Ron Perlman, and Himesh Patel from ” Yesterday ” to name a few! And to add the cherry on the cake we will also be seeing special appearances of acclaimed actresses like Meryl Streep along with the beautiful Cate Blanchett!

Don’t Look Up: Expected Plot

By looking at the nail-biting trailer, what we have deciphered is that the plot revolves around a looming danger, an unknown comet from the galaxy arriving at lightning speed on Earth to destroy the civilization. But as it is with every disaster film, the common folks do not pay heed to it thinking it might be a hoax.

But our saviors aka Leonardo DiCaprio along with his co-partner Jennifer Lawrence who seems to believe in him agrees to make almost and everyone aware of this lethal asteroid coming to make the Earth a barren land by undertaking press tours including quirky yet intelligent men from the media and issuing public notices everywhere possible. In this quest, they will come across other actors mentioned in the movie above.

Jennifer aka Kate Dibiasky is a graduate in astronomy while DiCaprio aka Dr. Randall plays her professor who sets forward in a mission to save mankind upon learning about the asteroid about to collide with Earth within just 6 months which much to their shock is disregarded by the President named Orlean aka Meryl Streep as well as her Chief as they think it’s a bizarre theory on the apocalypse.  Will they be able to save the Earth? That’s for the film to decide. For now, watch the hearth racing trailer!

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