Can the Devil of Hell become the God of the Universe? Read all that might happen and much more in Netflix’s Lucifer Season 6!


” What is it that you truly desire? ” Yes, we know, it’s the 6th season of the Netflix cult crime/supernatural show Lucifer! After the victorious 5th season on Devils, angels, God, and a special human, which helped this show land in the nomination of Emmy’s, fans have been dying to know the date of release of the 6th season.

So, if you can’t wait to know when is your all-time favorite Devil, making a return, we have you covered. Read below to satiate your burning queries!

Lucifer 6: Release date

Now, the big moment has arrived! Owing to the massive fan following of Lucifer, the production procedure wrapped up quite early as it had been difficult to quieten the crazy fans! So, this Devil’s show is all geared up to fly to your screens on the 10th of September, this very year!

Yes, the highly anticipated 6th season having an intense 10 episodes, full of drama is all due to air its first-ever episode in just a few days! If you still haven’t watched the other seasons, it’s high time you complete it as trust us you’re missing out on a lot of fun, sins, and love!

Lucifer 6: Cast

Many of your favorite cast members are ready to return for this 6th edition. For the regal role of the Devil aka the charming and humorous Lucifer Morningstar, we have the handsome Tom Ellis. His lady love aka detective Chloe Decker will be taken over again by the stunning Lauren German!

Apart from that, other phenomenal actors in this series are Lesley-Ann Brandt aka Maze, the demon from Hell. D.B. Woodside aka Lucifer’s angelic brother Amenadiel, Scarlett Estevez aka Trixie, Chole’s daughter, Aimee Garcia aka Ella Lopez, and Rachael Harris aka the therapist and mother of Charlie, Linda Martin.

Lucifer 6: Plot

Based on the ending of the 5th season as well as the trailer, we can assume that in the following season, we will be using how well Lucifer manages his responsibilities job as God. Will he succeed in keeping harmony amongst the Earth dwellers or will he mess things up like he usually does?

On the other hand, it can be shown that how Chloe deals with not being a detective anymore to support Lucifer’s ambitions just like he has done in the past. She might also learn more about the past lives and darker times of Lucifer. There might also be new dangers lurking and we might also see how the relationship between Chole and her one true love Lucifer fares!

Lucifer 5: Storyline

In the nail-biting 5th season, we had a chance to witness the otherworldly battle between Lucifer and his fellow angel-cousins all fighting for the coveted position of being God. Lucifer’s evil twin Michael even managed to kill Chloe in the battle but Lucifer through the power of love brought her and even himself back from death, finally defeating everyone and becoming God of the universe.

In matters of Earth, we see Chloe resign from the position of detective, Maze, as well as beloved Eve patch up after they confess their feelings for each other, and our Linda finally managed to gather her courage and face her daughter whom she had given away due to unavoidable circumstances. Here’s the gripping trailer of the 6th season!

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