Will Brianna and her family overcome their traumas? Here’s the detailed guide to Season 6 of Outlander!


Having an ending that makes the audience hanging in the cliff, craving for more, Outlander has spiked up the curiosity of viewers like never before. This rustic show, showing the contemporary lives of folks has garnered quite a response owing to its amazing plot and passionate love affairs!

Now, with the finale of the 5th season, viewers have been asking for the date of air of the 6th season. So, without keeping you all waiting eagerly, here’ sharing what we know about Netflix production, Outlander.

Outlander 6: Release Date

The show was all set to begin the process of production in February 2021 but got pushed back till June following the uproar of Covid-19! But the production has resumed and it will be a matter of days before we get to see our favorite show on screen!

And now, the moment of revelation is here! Outlander will be premiering no later than the early months of next year that is 2022 having a dozen dramatic episodes! Yes, it will be available around New Year, so book your dates accordingly as it will be a fantastic watch!

Outlander 6: Cast

For the primal cast of the show, we will be having our favorite actors such as Caitriona Balfe aka Claire Randall Fraser, Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser, Sophie Skelton aka Brianna Randall. Amongst the newest member will be Jessica Reynolds on the shoes of Malva Christie.

Other important actors include Mark Lewis Jones aka Tom Christie who will be portraying Malva’s father, Alexander Vlahos aka Allan Christie, David Berry aka Lord John Grey, and Laura Donnelly aka Jenny Fraser.

Outlander 6: Plot

In the expected 6th edition we might get to see the dark secrets related to the assassination of Lionel and how well does Claire react to the intense trauma she faced in the 5th season supported endlessly by Brianna who suffered the same fate as hers and also Jamie, her dotting spouse.

There are also hints of the lurking American Civil War that holds the chances to destroy the beautiful city of North Carolina and whether Jamie be able to protect his family or not. With such dark times in front, it’s for the viewers to see whether the characters overcome their obstacles and emerge victoriously.

Outlander 5: Storyline

In the gripping final moments of the 5th season, we found Roger almost in a death-defying incident when he was supposed to be hanged in front of the public, and Jamie evading death as he was supposed to die from the bite of a poisonous snake. We all got sad when we saw the goodbye of Murtagh while we desperately wanted Brianna to get her deserved justice as she was brutally raped by Stephen Bonnet along with her mother.

In another twisted ending of the 5th season, we found that all the characters like Brianna, Roger, as well as Jeremy, got stuck in the ancient world of the 18th century as they couldn’t turn back time by the magical stones and enter the future again. Here’s the awesome trailer of 5th season!

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