“Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2” intending to comeback? Here’s the answer to your questions fans!


After creating a thriving season of Arthdal Chronicles there is a doubt in the minds of the viewers that if they will get the chance to view another incredible show. It’s the most prominent show in South Korea created by  Kim Won-Seok and written by the promising screenwriter Kim Young-Hyun.


Release Date: Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

After the end of this, fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel, but there is no response from the producer about it, and it gives hint that it might get canceled. Viewers are waiting for the most highly-rated drama series to make a comeback as the initial season has left many of their questions unanswered.

There is no official notification for the sequel. The initial season was aired two years back in 2019 on 1st June and completed all its episodes on 22nd September 2019. As the Pandemic caused disruption everywhere, it can be surmised as a reason why the second season is being delayed.

So will be there any second season? Our answer is Yes, there is a possibility that creators will come up with a second season as they have yet not released any official notification and even there are no hints regarding the cancellation.

Cast: Arthdal Chronicles

The three talented entertainers who are contracted for the ancient roles are Eun-seom which is being played by Song Joong-ki, Tan-ya whose position is being taken by Kim Ji-won, and Ta-gon whose role is been taken by Jang Dong-gun. To enhance the magnificence of the show other casts of the season also played major roles like Kim Ok-bin as Taelha, Kim Seong-Cheol as Ipsaeng, and many more. It will be intriguing to see if any unique characters join in the show for the next sequel.

Storyline: Arthdal Chronicles

It’s a mythical drama that is set up when there were no kings and states but had some developed tribes and clans. The leader of the Arthdal Union joined hands with the Asa clan and made deal with Neanthal. Neanthals were known for their strength and magical powers. They were the only ones among everybody who used to have dreams and were blue-blooded beings. The leader sends deceased clothes to Neanthals who fall sick after using them and start perishing. Asa-Hon of the Asa Clan who does not know anything about the deceased clothes goes and gifts the Neanthals who were spirited to celebrate their seven days festivals. After getting perished only a few pupils and a man was left, and Asa Hon accompanies that man. All the conspiring plan is made by Ta-gon.

After three months Asa-Hon with her man gives birth to twin kids on the day of the Azure comet. Then there is an entry of Aramun Haesulla who is a god ask Asa-Hon in her dreams to give her child if she wants to survive. The drama portrays the struggle of the mother who travels to far-off places to save her child but eventually dies at the end. Then comes the role of Song Joong-Ki as Eun-Seom who plays the role Asa-Hon’s son and starts living in the Wahan Community of Iark. The community head mother role is played by Kim Ji-Won as Tan-ya. Both Tan-ya and Eun-seom seem to have the same fate as both were born on the same date and Tan-ya protects him from every allegation. This beautiful set-up show has lots of twists and turns so hit this up if you haven’t seen the season first yet!


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