“Julie and the Phantoms: Season 2” has all the teenage vibes, if your desire is to dive into the world of a love triangle, then have more patience!


It will be unbearable to wait more my dear audience. Are you still refreshing your Netflix list page so that who knows one day Julie and the Phantoms season 2 will pop up? Created by Dan Cross and David Hoge, Julie and the Phantom has still not got a green signal for their sequel.

Release Date: Julie and the Phantoms season 2

We feel unfortunate to tell you that Julie and the Phantoms won’t be coming up soon on Netflix as they have not spilled any beans regarding it and even there are no hints from the creators that if they have any plans for the sequel. After streaming on Netflix in 2020 the series made special places in the heart of the audience which can be proved by their restlessness for the second season. Rumors kept on floating that show will be starting from August but water has been splashed to all the hopes as there is no notification even in September. If the production house is set up at the end of the year and releases a trailer then we can expect another season to be there in 2022 but till then we should keep our hopes high for the sequel and yes have the patience to reap sweet fruits.

Cast: Julie and the Phantoms

This musical comedy-drama has some fun and loving characters who are going to win your heart in one go! Here are the characters of Julie and the Phantoms who have to boost up the energy level of the series. Madison Reyes is playing the role of Julie, Charlie Gillespie who is on the guitar is playing the role of Luke, Jeremy Shada who has held the position of Reggie is on the bass, Owen Patrick Joyner is playing the role of Alex, and has the position on the drums, Booboo Stewart is playing the role of Willie, Savannah May is playing the role of Carrie, Sacha Carrison is playing the role of Nick, and Cheyenne Jackson is playing the role of Caleb.

Plot: Season 2 Julie and the Phantom

The sequel is expected to start from the story that was left in the previous season. In the final episode, Nick comes back to win Julie back, Suddenly Caleb comes to know about Nick’s body. It gives the hint that Season 2 will focus on Caleb who will try to trick Luke, Alex, and Reggie and we can expect a love triangle to blossom up.

Storyline: Julie and the Phantoms

Did you expect a surprise from Netflix which will mix spooky and musical things together? If you didn’t then SURPRISE! The girl Julie who stays enthusiastic about music suddenly loses her mother and finds herself helpless. Life comes back on track when she finds Sunset Curve album records and when she plays it then three young seventeen-year-old boys appear in front who are not visible to others but are visible to Julie. Once they are on the stage all of the three boys get visible to the audience.  Flynn who is Julie’s best friend gets to know her secret and she names her band Julie and the Phantoms. This series has all the teenage vibe, if your desire is to dive into the world of a love triangle, girly pieces of stuff, music, and pinkish kinds of stuff then this series is for you.

Trailer: Julie and the Phantoms


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